November 26, 2020


Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA


Wyatt Crapo

Victoria got baptized!

Spiritual thought: My only spiritual thought is I want to invite all of you to go check out President Nelsons new video about gratitude and take the challenge to focus on gratitude this week I know it will change your life!
This week was a weird one, things have started to shut down because of the coronavirus, and our stake and most of the mission has closed church for the next 2 weeks. But here are some highlights from the week!
Highlights1) We had another MLC this week on wednesday and we talked about the mission tour and what goals we wanted to set for the mission because of the mission tour so that was awesome! We then had district council on Thursday and that was really awesome.... I think haha! We went to the spanish district and since Elder Dorious speaks spanish they only speak spanish during the district council haha! Unfortunately my 2 years of spanish in highschool did not help so I just sat there and nodded my head for about 2 hours haha.
2) We had some great lessons with people this week! We had 2 lessons with Kenny this week and he is doing great, he is still progressing for his baptism that is this week on the 28th.  We had a really great lesson about the atonement with him, the spirit was so strong and he really started to understand the importance of baptism and the Atonement of Jesus Christ. We also had a great bible study with our new friend Kathy, she came to church last week.  We had a bible study with her after church last week and had planned on doing the same thing this week but church got canceled so we did it over zoom.  We had about 10 members join and had a really awesome bible study.  She brought her husband and they both participated and had great insights so we are excited about them and the amazing bible studies we have been able to have with them hopefully church starts back up again soon so they can come! 
3) This is the best thing that happened this week, Victoria got baptized!! We had 3 lessons with her this week and they were all amazing and then we had her baptismal interview and that went great! We were then able to have her less active husband who has been coming back to church talk to our bishop and he was able to baptize Victoria.  it was such a special experience, not a lot of people were able to come because of the new restrictions but her whole family zoomed in from Utah and gave the talks, technology is awesome and it is amazing to be a missionary at this time! 
No pictures this week I'll make it up next week love you all! 
Love Elder Asplund


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