November 10, 2020


Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA


Wyatt Crapo

More Service!!

Spiritual thought: "Our destiny is not determined by the number of times we stumble but by the number of times we stand up, dust ourselves off, and stride forward." - Elder Uchtdorf. I love this quote (I think it's partly because it reminds me of that rocky quote from the 6th movie when he is talking to his son) and it is so true. God doesn't judge us on our shortcomings but he judges us on how we deal with those shortcomings.  Are we going to let trials and opposition control our lives or will we use those trials to become the person God needs us to be? It's always a choice!! Remember that, God loves you and he will help you overcome everything and anything!
This was an amazing week full of some awesome opportunities and experiences here are some highlights!
1) We were able to meet with some new people this week and have some really good lessons. We met this one new guy his name is Richard. He is about 80 and has recently gotten back into religion, we had a really good discussion with him, taught him the restoration, gave him a Book of Mormon and then he showed us so of his karate moves haha he is so funny! We also had a really good lesson with Ian this week, he is struggling with the Word of Wisdom and opened up to us. We had a really good discussion and talked about how he can overcome it. He is super awesome and solid. We are excited to see how he will overcome this with God on his side! 
2) We were able to have Interviews with our Mission President this week. That went really awesome, it's always so great to be able to talk to him and be able to problem solve with him.
3) I got the opportunity to perform a baptismal interview for this guy named Andrew. Andrew is so awesome and ready for baptism he has had a hard life and is excited for this clean start he is going to have! He has really strengthened my testimony. He was baptized on saturday and I have never seen someone so happy it was truly an amazing experience. 
4) We had a HUGE service project this past Friday. We got a call from our Mission President and he told us about how we are going to be part of a service project that is going to be run by the Govener and a Congress woman.  We were told there were going to be 150 missionaries there! So Friday morning we drove to Edmond at about 7:30am and there were a ton of missionaries! We all got to participate in cleaning up trees and branches out of schools, and parks. My group went to Lake Archadia and helped there till about 4pm.  It was some hard work but it was so amazing and we got to see a lot of missionaries I have not seen for a really long time so that is always a plus. So grateful for this opportunity it was so awesome, we actually made it on the Oklahoma news and the Church news! 
5) On Sunday we met with our new friend Victoria!  Her husband is a member, we taught her and she is so prepared. She has read the whole Book of Mormon and knows it is true and is following all the commandments.... So we set a baptism date for the 21st! We are so very excited for her and for her family it will be an amazing experience and I am so grateful that God has allowed me to be here to be a part of it! 
Love you all Elder AsplundPics: Service


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