November 2, 2020


Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA


Wyatt Crapo

Spooky Week!

Spiritual Thought: This week I lived in a lot of darkness and it reminded me how important light is in our life. Jesus says this in John 8: 12 "Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life" Jesus Christ is the light of the world and he is the light that will never go out. Even when the whole world is dark and we feel like we can't escape it when we rely on Jesus Christ we can have light in our lives always! 
Well this week was a spooky one and it wasn't all because of Halloween. Starting last monday we had a huge Ice storm and it knocked out all the power and heating in Mustang. The Ice storm also knocked down a ton of trees so that led to a lot of amazing service we were able to do! SO here are some of the highlights of this crazy week we had! 
Highlights:1) Well let's start at the beginning.... Monday was the start of the ice storm but it didn't start to get bad until Tuesday night. On Tuesday we had MLC and that was amazing. We talked about how to make effective goals and how to let God prevail in our lives as missionaries and it was super awesome! About 2 hours after MLC was done we started to experience some problems, first we lost our cell service. That pretty much limited a ton of things that we could do, then at about 7pm we lost all of our power and heating. So we spent the night with no power or heat expecting it to start up in the middle of the night or by morning. Well we wake up and still have no power or heat! It was about 60 degrees in our apartment at this point so we bundled up and tried to get some work done! Except we can't because the service is still down so we decided to go to the church to see if we could find power and wifi. We headed outside and started driving when we realized that all of Mustang is out of power! Including the church so we were out of luck. So we just ended up studying for most of the day and hoping that the power would come on but 5pm rolled around and still nothing so we went to dinner with our Stake President who lives in our ward...which is kind of cool. He lives in Yucon and had power. Well Mustang 2  Elders live in Yucon so after dinner we went home packed up and went to Mustang 2s apartment for the night!  We got there and luckily their power had come on about 2 hours before! So we spent the night there made some calls and made sure everyone in our zone was ok and everyone had power except us haha. So the next morning we went home still no power! We had district council so we got ready and went to district council and when we came home from that we had Power YAY! 
2) So that was part of all this craziness, on Thursday night we get a text from President Christensen and he tells us that all of Friday and Saturday are dedicated to doing service for all the damage that came from the storm. So we texted our Elders Quorum President and told him.  He got busy and got us some service to do. There was this family in our ward named the Smiths and they had a neighbor named Don. Don is not a member, he is a widower and is about 80 and has a huge farm with a lot of trees....they all got wrecked! So about 9am on Friday we headed over there with Mustang 2 and got to work!  The Smith family helped us, we were there from 9am to about 4pm!  We got it all done and had a really good time doing service for him. Then the next day we went over to the Smiths farm and helped them clear all the trees and branches off their farm and a lot of the ward showed up for that so it was a great time.  We got it all done in about 3 1/2 hours. So those 2 days were some long hours of hard work and it was awesome! 
3) Because of all of this we weren't able to have any lessons with Ian because he was super busy.  Plus, we were out of service for about half the week...but he is still doing good and is still preparing for his baptism later this month. On Sunday we did a ton of contacting and we had a really cool experience while doing it. We called pretty much everyone in our area book......  We set up 6 appointments with new people to teach!   Elder Dorius and Elder Pincock have been trying to get a hold of these people  for 2 transfers, so we were really blessed on Sunday and we will hopefully have a lot of lessons this next week. 
4) Throughout this week we were able to meet with a lot of members!! Through service, dinners or just going and checking on people.  It was great to be able to meet all the members and build a connection with them and we had a lot of cool and funny experiences with the members all week! 
Pic 1: Fun at some members' homes!pic 2 and 7: me with some weapons hahapic 3: look at this duck we caughtpic 4-6: we got bored so decided to take some funny pictures haha  I will send another email with some more pictures!
Love Elder Asplund


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