October 20, 2020


Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA


Wyatt Crapo

Super Bowl Weekend!!

This letter got sent late....
Spiritual thought: Well conference happened yesterday so I have a million different things I could say, but here is one theme that stood out to me from the conference. Trust, this was a huge theme for me and here's some thoughts I have on it. First, trust has no time limit.  If we have faith and trust in God we can't lose....if things don't start to go our way in a week we have to have trust and faith in the Lord's timing because he knows best. Second, We need to have trust and faith during the good and bad times. It's really easy to trust God when everything is going great. It's hard when things become hard in our lives,  but that's the test to see if we will have faith even during those hard times. Life is not always going to be easy but that's ok we don't grow when we are comfortable we grow when we have to work, and trust. Faith takes work if it didn't it wouldn't be worth it, so don't lose faith and trust, but keep working and do everything you can to have God be in your life and then believe that everything will be alright! Love you all!
Not a lot happened this week so here are some highlights.1) Last p-day we had a district p-day it was a lot of fun to be able to hang out with some other missionaries.  Besides the one that lives with you 24/7 so that was awesome! 
2) We had the opportunity to be able to do service at the salvation army this week and we worked a lot with this guy named Steve. Steve is awesome and loves to talk to us when we are working there. We worked with him basically the whole day and he is a really cool guy and we talked to him about Jesus and now he is taking the lessons from the Village Elders so we are so excited about that! 
3) We had a lesson with our friends the Mcquiods who recently got baptized and we talked about the plan of salvation and them being able to go through the temple in a year as a family to get sealed!  That was a really cool lesson. The spirit was so strong! 2 of their boys still need to get baptized so we invited them to be baptized on the 18th and they are going to pray about it so we are excited to see what comes of that. 
4) We had interviews with our mission president this week and that was super awesome. It's always great to be able to talk with him and receive advice from him! 
5) Last but not least the General Conference (the superbowl) happened this weekend and it was so amazing! It was truly a revelatory experience for me, I learned alot and am so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father that is willing to reach out to us and give us advice during hard times. It is so amazing! 
Love Elder Asplund


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