September 14, 2020


Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA


Wyatt Crapo

Another One!

Spiritual thought: "Those who move forward with a happy spirit will find out that things always work out" Gordan B Hinckley Are you moving forward with a happy spirit? What we focus on in this life is how we are going to act, if we are focused on positive things we are more happy and have a better outlook on life but when we get surrounded and trapped by the negative things in life our life becomes dark and negative. If you feel like you are being surrounded by darkness look at what you are focusing on and if it's not on positive things you need to fix what you focus on, 
These past 2 weeks have been really good a lot of things happened. Miracles are all around us and it is so amazing to be able to see how the lord is blessing us every day! Here are some Highlights from the past 2 weeks!
1) We had 3 more baptisms! We baptized Brother and SIster Mcquoid and their 8 year old son. I had the amazing opportunity to baptize them and it was one of the greatest moments of my mission. The spirit was so strong and it was amazing  to see the change the Mcquiods had during this experience! 
2) We got to go to the mission office twice to drop off some baptismal forms and one of the times President Christensen was there and we got to talk to him for about an hour! That was the first time in 6 months we have seen him in person and it was so amazing! 
3) We got to do service at the salvation and that was amazing. We were able to make food baskets and deliver them to people and it was so amazing to be able to help so many people. We were also able to do service with our ward for these two older women, we helped them move for about 3 hours and at the end they were so grateful and were in tears it was such an amazing experience! 
 4) Transfers! We got transfer calls and I will be staying in OKC 3 with Elder Goodsell and I couldn't be more happy. I love this area and I'm excited for all the things that we will be able to do this next transfer! We had transfers this week and so we did a lot of things to get ready for another transfer and we are so excited! 
5) We got a lot of new people in the zone and we got to meet a lot of them so it will be awesome to be able to get to know them more as the transfer goes on! Pic 1,2) Us at the salvation army Pic 3) It was Sister Christensen's birthday!Pic 4) Looks comfy hahaPic 5) Mission officePic 6) Its spooky season!Pic 7) The mcquoids baptism! 


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