July 8, 2020


Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA


Wyatt Crapo

4th of July Miracles!

Spiritual thought: "The Lord Loves effort, and effort brings rewards" I've been trying to live my life by this saying because I believe in it so much! The Lord Loves the effort we put in. He doesn't expect us to be perfect but he expects us to give a perfect effort. I've had to explain this to a lot of elders in my zone, if we only have 20% in the tank the Lord only expects is to give 20% he didn't expect is to give more than we have but he expects is to give all that we got to him! I love this work and I am so grateful for the opportunity to be out here during this crazy time it's truly amazing! 
Day 1: Preparing for the week! We were supposed to meet with a new friend this week but we got to her house and she didn't answer the door. It felt like real missionary work haha!!! We then tried to set something up for this week. We then had a Zone Zoom meeting where we had a little spiritual thought and played some games and got to know each other. It was pretty fun! 
Day 2: Not a ton happened! OUR lesson with Robbie and Ailed got canceled due to an emergency they had so that was a bummer! So we spent most of the day preparing for our zone trading and contacting some members. 
Day 3: Lots of contacts! Today was a fun day, the OKC 4 elders came over for a good part of the day because they had to get their car fixed next to our apartment and it was nice to be able to see some other missionaries! We also set up a lot of teaching appointments with some people we haven't heard from in forever so it was a really good day! We then had a lesson with our recent convert Jacob and it was a really good lesson and then we had a ward missionary correlation meeting and it was probably one of the best ones I've ever been part of! 
Day 4: Zone Conference! We had a Zone Conference today and it was so amazing! It was all about Joy  and how to have it and what it is. I loved it because I love to have Joy, I have found  throughout my life that to be able to have Joy you just need to focus on the good/positive things in your life and not the negative. There will always be hard times in our lives but if we choose to look at the positives in the situation we can always have joy! This time on my mission has been really hard but I have had so much joy!  It's been my favorite part of my mission so far and I've had so much Joy! 
Day 5: 4th of July! The 4th of July is one of my favorite Holidays! Even though I wasn't able to be with my family or my friends on this day it was still an amazing day! We started off the day by doing some service for one of our members which was a lot of fun! We then gave our Zone training and it was all about miracles and the spirit was so strong and it was probably one of the most fun training I have ever done! We then spent the rest of the day visiting some members in our zone that we are worried about and seeing how we can help them. Then we got to watch some fireworks and the cool thing about Oklahoma Is it is completely flat so we went to the top floor of our apartment complex and got to see fireworks in all directions and fireworks that were super far away, all it was mission was some Disney music! 
Day 6: Sabbath day! Today was an amazing day! We started off the day by taking the sisters the sacrament and that is always a great and uplifting experience, we then had our mission wide Sunday devotional which is always amazing! Then we had a lesson with this family named the Mcquoids that was awesome since we haven't been able to meet with them since I got here. We then had a lesson with Dawnette about the Plan of salvation and it went really well. To end the day we had a lesson with Robbie and Ailed and man it was so amazing! We taught them the Gospel of Jesus Christ and they loved it the whole time they just kept saying it makes so much sense it was amazing! I then got a huge prompting to invite them to be baptized and so I invited them and Robbie said " I thought you would never ask" WHAT who says that! They are so awesome and it has been an amazing experience to be able to teach them! The baptism date is August 1st so we are super excited! 
Love Elder Asplund


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