June 22, 2020


Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA


Wyatt Crapo

Service is AMAZING!

Spiritual thought: "there will always be more blessing than burdens, even if some days it doesn't seem so" -Elder Jeffrey R. Holland. Love this quote please look for the blessings in your life it makes life so much better! Love you all 
Day 1: Transfers! We had transfers today so we helped out with that a little bit. We also had a lesson with our friend Texana and it went super well. We talked about the book of Mormon and she loved the idea of it and felt the spirit so she is excited to keep meeting with us! At the end of the day we called all of our new zone members and got to know them so that was a lot of fun and we are super excited for this transfer! 
Day 2: First lesson in someone's home! This morning we had training with all our district leaders so that was fun. We then had a lesson with Robbie who is a bible referral we got last week and this lesson was amazing for multiple reasons but the first is because it was the first lesson we have been able to have in someone's house in 4 months! So When we got into the house we sat down and talked to Robbie for a min and his girlfriend came in and asked if she could join and we said of course! So she joined and they started to ask more about us and our church so we talked about it and that led to a discussion about the Book of Mormon. They loved the idea of the Book of Mormon after we got done talking about it they said oh so it's just another tool and it fills in the bible and the bible fills in the book of Mormon and we were like yes exactly it was an amazing experience! After that we read John 3 and we talked about being born again and about the atonement so it was amazing and the spirit was so strong and they are really excited to read the book of Mormon! 
Day 3: not much happened just a bunch of zone leader stuff. 
Day 4: 2 district councils! Today was pretty awesome. We got to go to 2 district councils because we have 2 new reassigned missionaries that are district leaders so we helped them out and it was a pretty fun time! We then got to participate in a 2 day service project. It was so much fun we had half the zone come on Friday and half on Saturday and we went both days haha. The service project was putting together these food boxes and supplies for people that have been suffering from the pandemic. We did it at this Baptist church and there were members so we got to meet a lot of cool people and we got to pray a lot haha! It was amazing! 
Day 5: service part 2! We had day 2 of our service project today, yesterday we put together the food packages and today we moved all the stuff outside and people showed up and we handed out all the supplies. It was so much fun. Service always makes you feel amazing and it's awesome to be able to help out so many people.
Day 6: Sabbath day! Father's day! Today was interesting. We were out of the house running around from 8:30 to 5. We took the sacrament to the sisters in the morning and that is always an amazing experience! Then we had our mission wide Sunday devotional. After that we made the 4 hour trip to Weatherford to take them the sacrament and give them blessings that was super cool! I then got to talk with my family and wish my amazing father and happy father's day! 
Love you ALL!
Elder Asplund
Pic 1: me and elder Esmond Pic 2-3: me and my old zone leaders elder Olson and elder hanson Pic 4: service project 


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