June 1, 2020


Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA


Wyatt Crapo

Summer Already?

Spiritual thought: "The Lord doesn't put us through this test to give us a test: He does it because the process will change us." - Henry B Eyring If there is one thing I have learned in this life it is to enjoy the process, so I invite all of you to learn to love the process and let the process change you for the better!!
Day 1: cancelations! Well we had a lot of lessons for today but all of them were canceled! But you know you have those days sometimes. We did some Zone Leader stuff this morning then we were supposed to have a lesson with Dawnette but it got canceled due to some unfortunate events. Earlier that day she got a dog, but 20 min after she got home the dog ran away so she was pretty sad about that. After that we had 3 lessons that all canceled so kind of a bummer but we made some good member contacts so that was good. 
Day 2: video making! We had a super good day today! We made a for our Facebook page and that was a lot of fun. After that we had a lesson with our recent convert Jacob, we talked about the plan of salvation and it was awesome! We then got a prompting to call some formers and we called this guy named Gary and had a great conversation with him and set up a lesson for next week! 
Day 3: Interviews! Today was a great day, we had interviews with President Christensen today and it went super good I always love interviews! After that we roleplayed with our APs and that was good. Then later we had a lesson with this guy named Kelton, and this lesson went great! The spirit was super strong and he wants to keep meeting with us so that was awesome! After that we had a mission wide devotional over zoom and Elder Esmond performed and it was great and the devotional was fantastic! 
Day 4: Saturday is a special day Haha! Today we had 3 meetings so that was fun. Then we invited a ton of people to our Sunday devotional we were having. Our lesson with Rosa got canceled so we made some members contacts and came up with some video ideas. It's crazy that our mission life has gone from biking around and knocking a ton of doors to making videos and contacting people on Facebook crazy times!
Day 5: Sabbath day! Today was a pretty good day! We started out the day with a mission wide Sunday devotional and we had 2 people that we are teaching join that so that was awesome! We then made the 4 hour trip up to weatherford to take them the sacrament and that was fun. We then had a lesson with this lady, her name us Sherina, and it was awesome the spirit was so strong and she loved the book of Mormon so that was awesome! We then had a lesson with Dawnette and it went great. We are excited for her baptism! 
Love Elder AsplundPic 1 and 2 us with some of the members in our zone!!


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