June 1, 2020


Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA


Wyatt Crapo

Zone Conference!

Sorry...this is last week's letter it did not send...
Spiritual thought: my spiritual thought for this week is about faith, I have found that faith is so powerful! But Faith is like a muscle. If exercised, it grows strong, if left immobile, it becomes weak. We need to be constantly exercising faith and growing it! Faith can do so much but Faith in Jesus Christ helps us receive spiritual and physical healing through His Atonement. Even when the future seems uncertain, our faith in the Savior can give us peace
Day 1: Zone Conference! Today we had a zone Conference and it was amazing! We learned alot about faith and prayers of faith and it was really inspiring and motivating. As zone leaders we have to be part of the training at zone Conference and that was a lot of fun! After the zone Conference we did some Zone Leader stuff and set up a couple of appointments for the rest of this week. 
Day 2: Busy day! We started off the day with a lesson that is always good, it was with this lady named Texan and it was pretty good besides the fact that at the end of the lesson she told us that she might be going to jail haha!!..... but other than that it was a pretty good lesson. We then talked to our bishop about our ward about who we can help. That was a good conversation. After that we did some zone leader stuff  we were supposed to have a lesson with Rosa but it got canceled and we rescheduled for Friday. So we called some people and set up some more appointments. 
Day 3: Running around! This morning we got a call from Dawnette and she told us she might have cancer. So we talked to her for a little bit then we told her that we would come by and give her a blessing later that day. Then we had a quick lesson with a guy named Joe and it went really well. Hopefully I will be teaching him more next week! After that we went over to Dawnettes house and gave her a blessing and that was an incredible experience. The spirit was so strong! After that we took some pizza and ice cream to a sister in our zone because it was her birthday. We then had a lesson with Dawnette and it went super good. Her faith is growing so much even with the hard things in her life.
Day 4: Lesson day! We started off the day with a lesson with our friend Nathan about the plan of salvation and the book of Mormon. We studied for a little bit and then roleplayed with some members of our zone and had a lesson with one of our members. To end the day we had an amazing lesson with our friend Rosa and her family! We had a former missionary that had taught them before (who had gone home)  join us and we talked about faith. It was an awesome lesson. And in the end Rosa gave the prayer and during her prayer she thanked us and God for the amazing lesson we had. It was a super cool experience. 
Day 5: video! We have been working hard to make a video and we finally got that dine and uploaded that was good. We then prepared for our lesson with the Mcquoids because we were planning to put them on a baptism date but 5 mins before she canceled on us and rescheduled for Monday so kind of a number but we are excited for Monday! 
Day 6: Sabbath day! We started off the day by taking the sacrament to 4 sisters in our zone and that is always an amazing experience. We then had a mission wide Sunday devotional and Elder Esmond my companion performed a song it was awesome! We then had a lesson with Nathan but he never joined the call so that was a bummer and then we had a call with our APs. That's always a good time. After that we had a short lesson with this guy named Adam and it went great. We then went and walked around the temple. It is so amazing to have a temple close by! 
Love Elder Asplund
Pic 1: Braums run!Pic 2: cool sunset Pic 3: weird lunch my comp made haha 


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