April 21, 2020


Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA


Wyatt Crapo

Quarantine Day Who Knows!

Sorry I didn't write last week honestly just had no motivation to haha and again I am sorry this is kinda a long email. Spiritual thought: I was thinking about the world wide fast that happened last week, as I was thinking about it I thought about how much faith I had in it and how much faith others had in it. Then I thought about how the fast happened and things didn't seem to change. Now I was not expecting anything huge to happen but I thought some things might start to change.  As I pondered this throughout the week.... I was thinking about what  I read in the Old Testament about Danial and the Lions den and how it relates to our situation now! God didn't take Daniel out of the lions den right away did he? No. Why? Daniel was faithful, that's why he was in the lion's den- He had faith that when he prayed God would deliver him. Daniel had faith, and faith is supposed to produce results right? So why didn't God take him out of the lions den?
Because if God would have just taken Daniel out of the lions den- he wouldn't have been able to have had the experience of being in the lions den and not being eaten. If God would have taken him out, Daniel would have known that, yes God does deliver us FROM difficulty, but he would not have learned that God also delivers us IN difficulty! Having God deliver us in difficulty requires more faith, more prayer, and more trust. 
The Lions in that den were ready to kill Daniel but they didn't because Daniel had faith and was being protected by a loving Heavenly Father. In Daniel's time of need, God sent an angel to hold back the lions-to deliver him IN the trial so he could grow, learn, and become. When morning came and they opened the lions den Daneil was there without a scratch on him, Daniel had learned what he needed to from that experience and was then delivered FROM the lions den. 
God hasn't delivered us FROM the pandemic yet but he certainly is delivering us IN this pandemic. SO instead of wishing to be out and focusing on the negative- look around and see God's angels holding back your lions. When the timing is right God will deliver us FROM this, until then let's remember he is delivering us IN this! Love Yall! 
Some cool and funny things that happened these past 2 weeks. 1)We have started to teach a new Lady named Dawn. She is amazing and is super prepared! #thelordsworkmoveson2) We had a zone conference. It was amazing and we learned how to be more effective online missionaries.3) We had interviews and it's always amazing to talk with President Christensen. 4) We made an awesome video for our ward and if you want it just email me. I have the link but that was a ton of fun. 5) Elder Postma and I  have started fishing in our pond out back and we caught some Geckos haha. 6) The Geese had their babies so that was fun! That's pretty much it, Love Ya All!
Love Elder Asplund
Pic 1: My First fish!Pic 2: Me with the new Baby Geese! Welcome to the gang!Pic 3: Me and Elder Postma with the crew!Pic 4: Our Weekly Games with the boys! Pic 5: Me with Geko.


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