March 4, 2020


Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA


Wyatt Crapo

All our lessons cancelled! Haha!!

Spiritual message: My spiritual message for this week is short. I just want to say that we all need to be applying the "primary" answers to our every day life. For some reason those are the ones we forget the most, but we were taught them from a young age for a reason and that is because those things are going to make us the most converted.  So keep doing the things that you have learned about since you were little and you will feel the Lord's hand in your life every day. 
Day 1: Lots of finding! Today we did a ton of finding! We went to the mall this morning to do some store OYM's just to mix it up a little and to give Elder Postma some OYM practice. It was actually a ton of fun and we worked on Elder Postma's OYM skills and he did a good job, so it was a good experience. We then went tracting for 5 hours we handed out 1 Book of Mormon and got a return appointment for the next day so that was sweet! It was a lot of finding today but overall a good hard day! 
Day 2: Lots of cancelations! We had a lot of appointments for today and a lot of cancelations.We started off with some tracting for about an hour we then went to visit this guy named Tom who we had an appointment with who didn't answer the door. We then went tracting for about 1 1/2 more hours, then we went to a lesson with Maria and Ken well we got there and Ken was sick so we had to cancel that. We then went to our return appointment that we got yesterday and he didn't answer. So we decided to knock on some doors and we knocked this one door and it was actually a member haha so that was cool and we had a good talk with them. We Kept tracting and we saw 2 other members driving home and got to talk to them so if nothing else happened our members saw us out working! We then got this impression that was pretty big to visit this member that was 4 miles away so we went over there and no one answered kind of odd but oh well the lord works in mysterious ways!
Day 3: Crazy day! Well we started off the day by preparing for zone conference, we needed to wash our car and things like that so we did. Then we got all ready to go out and do some work when we get a call from our district leader. Apparently his companion has been sick all week so they haven't had the chance to pick up groceries or get there car taken care of so they asked if we could do a mini exchange for the afternoon, we said yes and went down there. We got them taken care of and headed back to our area. On our way back we saw a mall that is in our area so we decided to go do some OYM's and it went really good! We talked to this one guy there and his name was Chris, we gave him our card and he said he wants to meet with us so that was awesome! We then called our friend D'anthony to see if he wanted to meet this week and he answered and said he wanted to meet at 7 that night. So we went over there at 7 and knocked on his door and no answer we called him and no answer!!  I was like come on man we literally talked to you 2 hours ago! So we then went and got some chick fil-a Ice Cream and studied. 
Day 4: Zone Conference! We had Zone Conference today and it was awesome! I learned a lot of things about being more converted and being more christ centered. I also learned how to have more faith in myself and in the lord's work because it is his work and we can only be effective missionaries if we work through him! Also Elder Slight gave his departing testimony and it was super good I'm sad to see him go! 
Day 5: Lots of contacting! We had a lesson with Rita today who again didn't answer the door so that kinda sucked but oh well. We then went and knocked an apartment complex not much luck there but we got to see some members that live there and talk to them for a little bit so that was good. We had another lesson with D'anthony scheduled for today but he cancelled on us again but we are trying to set up another one for next week so keep your fingers crossed. 
Love Elder Asplund


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