February 24, 2020


Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA


Wyatt Crapo

Getting the area going

Spiritual message: This weeks spiritual message is inspired by one of our sacrament talks and it was about true conversion. True conversion is not just going to church and reading your scriptures every once in awhile, true conversion has nothing to do with any of those things, true conversion is looking for and turning to our Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ every day and seeking them diligently throughout the day.... that my friends is true conversion! Reading your scriptures every day and going to church are things that will help with that conversion and things that will strengthen it but we should be searching and truly seeking God in our life everyday. So ask yourself am I truly converted? I love yall and hope yall had a great week!
Day 1: Lunch and Service! Started off the day with some studying and then we went to lunch with two older ladies in our ward named Sister Sides and Sister Diel, it was a really good time and man they could talk haha. After that we did some weekly planning, in the middle of that we got a call from Sister sides and she asked us if we could help her weed her yard. We said of course and we headed right over, we did that four about 2 1/2 hours and then we had a great talk with her and hopefully will be able to start teaching one of her friends!
Day 2: Lots of finding! Started off the day by finishing weekly planning and studied. We then went and did some finding, we went tracting for 4 1/2 hours and man that was kinda rough. At about 3 hours in we had no one wanting to hear our message so we decided to pray and ask for guidance we got the prompting to go down this one street and knock the doors so we did and about an hour later we found a guy named Tom, he opened the door and immediately wanted to hear our message.  We taught him right there and he really liked it and took a book of mormon and wants us to come back so that was awesome! Later that night we taught a guy named Todd, Todd is super cool he has been investigating the church for 20+ years he loves the church and the missionaries but he's trying to get over smoking and coffee. So we helped him create a plan to help him down that path so I'm excited to see what happens.
Day 3: District council! Started off the day with district council and that was amazing as always a lot of changes from MLC (missionary leadership conference) and that will be fun. We then went finding for about an hour and then we met up with a part member family, there names are Ken who is a member and Maria his wife who is not they both are super nice and want us to come back so we are super excited for that! We then drove to our district leaders place to start exchanges. 
Day 4: Exchanges! Today we had exchanges with our district leader in Edmond 2 and I went with his companion Elder Stuart. We had a pretty good day we were in their area so i kind of took a back seat on everything which was nice, we started off by biking 3 1/2 miles to one of there friends house, we then went to the capital and did some OYMing there so that was sweet.  We then visited some members and gave a Book of Mormon to one of their friends and went home and studied it was a pretty good day!
Day 5: Lots of contacts! We did a lot of contacting today, started off the day with a lesson with Rita and we brought a member this time so you know what that means she didn't answer the door hah Classic! Well after that we contacted some members and friends. We got in contact with one member The Bates and they have a 9 year old daughter they want us to teach so YAY! We then met with a former named Jane and as we are meeting a past sister missionary shows up and was visiting the area and joined our lesson so that was pretty cool.
Day 6: Sabbath day! Today was a crazy day! Started off the day with church which is always fun. We then went to a referrals house and we got there and she slammed the door on our face we thought that was kind of weird so we decided to call her. Turns out it was the wrong address and she wants to meet with us so that's cool! We then had a lesson and this lesson was set up by a member so that was cool but the member couldn't come and the lady we met just bashed us the whole time! We sat there for an hour and listened to her tell us that we are satan worshipers and that we are going to hell so that kind of sucked but it was Elder Postma's first bash so that was neat of him to experience hah. Right after that we were feeling kind of disturbed and we were in the church and this lady pulls us aside and starts talking to us well she started telling us her conversion story and it was awesome! Exactly what we needed and it brightened our day a lot! 
Love Elder AsplundPic 1: me and elder Postma and this sweet lake.Pic 2: We found this weird triangle house Pic 3: me and elder Stuart and the capital Pic 4: this cool river we foundPic 5: me looking like a baller as usual


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