February 17, 2020


Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA


Wyatt Crapo

First Week of Training!

Spiritual message: My Spiritual message for this week is based on the scripture 2 Nephi 10:20, let us not dwell on the past! We might have made some mistakes, things might change in our lives but remember everything God does is for our benefit, even if we can't see it at the time. So push forward and trust and lean on God in all things because he knows what's best! I love y'all and hope you had a great week! Also here is my new address for all of you that don't want to read the rest of my email but would like to send me a letter haha!! 14300 N Penn Ave Apt. 242 Oklahoma City, OK 73134
Day 1: Last day in Brookhollow! Today was a good day we went down to Broken Arrow and had lunch with the YSA Elders (Elder Palmer) and the New Haven Elders. We then went and said goodbye to some members down there. Then we went and had dinner with our ward mission leader and said goodbye to him. Then me and Elder Williams drove down to Edmond together and that was a fun drive, we got to Edmond and stayed with the AP's that was fun!
Day 2: New Missionary! Well we got to the church at 8 to meet all the new missionaries and to have our training meeting. That lasted till 12 then we got to find out who our new missionary was... My new companion is Elder Postma! I'm Excited to be training him he's from Cache Valley, UT., he's kind of a goofball so I think we are going to get along great! The rest of the day we just got his bike and tried to figure out our area.
Day 3: 1st day in The Village! This morning we decided to check out our area some more so we went and biked around and then studied at Barnes and Noble. On our way back Elder Postma's bike pedal fell off haha. So we took his bike back to be fixed. We then went and visited some people we are teaching and some members. Only 1 person answered (some things don't change haha) Her name is Rita, she was busy but wanted us to come back on saturday Yay! We then did some tracting and went home. 
Day 4: District Council with new district! District council was amazing I got a lot of things out of it, I really like my new district and my new zone so it's going to be great! Not a ton happened today we got a better feel for the area and did a couple of hours of tracting, we knocked some big ol houses so that was fun! 
Day 5: Lesson with Rita! We started off the day with a lesson with Rita she is the person we got in contact with earlier this week! It went super good the spirit was there super strong and she wants to meet with us again so that is sweet! We then went out and contacted a lot of people and found some people and talked to some members it was a good time. We then got in contact with this guy named Todd he has been investigating for a while and wants us to come over so we are excited! 
Day 6: Sabbath day! First church meeting with the village ward and it was awesome! The ward was super open and accepting and excited to have us there so that made me super happy! We got to meet a lot of members and that was awesome. After church we went out and did some contacting and we found this lady named Maria who is actually married to a member crazy! And she said she wants us to come back so that was super awesome. This area is awesome and my companion is doing really good for his first week in the mission so I'm excited to see what comes out of this transfer! 
Love Elder Asplund
Pic 1 Me and Elder EvansPic 2 Me and Elder Slight and Elder EvansPic 3 Me and Elder WilliamsPIc 4 Me and my new Companion Elder PostmaPic 5 View from our Apartment!! 


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