February 10, 2020


Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA


Wyatt Crapo

Week of Mixed Emotions

Spiritual message: My spiritual message for this week is about the Prophet Joseph Smith. I have been doing a lot of studying on the Prophet Joseph Smith and the first vision. I just want to bear my testimony that I know he is a prophet and that he did in fact see God the father and his son Jesus Christ and he restored  Christs church back on the earth through the priesthood keys he was given and through modern revelation and the Book of mormon! He was not a perfect man but he was a great man and a great prophet and he did so much for us and our families. I know Joseph Smith was a Prophet and I know this church is the true church and if we follow the gospel of Jesus Christ every day we will be blessed and in the end we will live with our families forever!
Some crazy stuff happened this week so stay tuned! love y'all hope you had a great week!
Day 1: Planning! Started the day with weekly planning always a good time. We then went out and did a whole bunch of contacts. We visited with some members and found a new person to teach his name is Benjamin and he is a preacher so that should be fun! We then went and had family home evening with some members and that was a ton of fun! We then went and tried to contact Sam he wasn't home but we had a really good conversation with his wife so that was awesome! 
Day 2: Snow Day! Well it snowed 4 inches today so that was basically awesome. We couldn't do much because we weren't allowed to bike so we studied for a while, but then I got the impression we needed to go see Sam. So we went and biked in the snow and went to see him, well he wasn't home but we had another good talk with his wife! We then decided the impression was maybe for us to go find someone near Sam so we went finding for about an hour and no luck. Well I'm basically wondering why I got the prompting but the important thing is we followed it! On our way home We had to climb this hill to get home and I fell down it and got super muddy haha so that was fun.
Day 3: District Council! Last District Council of the transfer, that's super weird but it was super good! This transfer has been going by blazing fast! We then went over to this recent converts house who is now inactive and had a really good talk with him and he wants to come back to church so that was super awesome. We then had an awesome dinner with a family named the Smiths and then the parents came to a lesson with us which was awesome what was not awesome was the fact that the person that we were going to teach didn't answer the door! Classic! But it was still good.
Day 4: Put Brandon on Bap Date! We had a great lesson with Brandon today! At first we got there and he didn't answer we knocked like 15 times and called 5 times! We then prayed and knocked again and... he didn't answer haha so we biked away but half way down the road we got a text telling us to come back so we did and had our lesson! For our lesson we watched Joseph Smith Prophet of the Restoration, and he loved it! We then talked about baptism and he said he wants to be baptized Feb 29th so YAY we are so happy and excited! Another cool thing is I hit 6 months today so that's cool! The rest of the day we did some contacting and it went alright nothing to exciting. 
Day 5: T-doc! Pretty good day today, we started off the day by going to see some referrals they both didn't answer so we went and saw some members. We then had a lesson with this older lady named Tena and when we got there she also wanted us to teach her grandkids so we got 5 new friends it was awesome! That was pretty much it for the day but tonight we got our transfer calls! We waited up forever and then we got them and I'm getting transferred to the Village in Edmond and I will be training a New Missionary! So I will be Shotgun Training just like I got Shotgun trained crazy! Elder Miles will be a Zone Leader in Brookhollow so that's good for him but we were both super sad about me leaving so that was a bummer. But I'm excited for the new challenge that awaits!
Love Elder Asplund


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