January 27, 2020


Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA


Wyatt Crapo

Kobe Died!!

Spiritual message: this has been the question on my mind this week... What is the difference between Nephi and Sam and Laman and Lemuel they all went and followed there father and left everything behind and went into the wilderness, they all went back and got the brass plates, they all built a ship and sailed to the promised land. What made Nephi and Sam such great people and Laman and Lemuel such wicked people and it came down to this... Nephi and Sam did the little things. Yes Laman and Lemuel did some big things but they didn't do the little things like pray, listen to the prophets or read the scriptures. Nephi did all these things and because of that he was a much better person and so much more converted! If we want to be better people and be more converted we need to ask ourselves are we doing the little things? And if we are not, then repent and do better, and if you are then keep doing it and ask what lack I yet! I love y'all and hope you had a great week! 
Day 1: Not a super eventful day. We had weekly planning today not super fun but hey not all the missionary work is fun... just most of it haha ;) We then had dinner with a pretty cool family and went to go see our friend Sam! He wasn't home :( but we will try again next week! 
Day 2: Snow day! It snowed today so that was super awesome and it was super cold so YAY! Went tracting for 2 1/2 hours today it was actually a lot of fun. We found a lady named Rachel she is super awesome and wants us to come back and talk with her! We then went to a lesson with this guy named Micheal it was an ok lesson but he doesn't seem super interested so we are probably going to drop him. We then biked about 2 miles in the cold and went to a lesson with Stephen and Apriel and they didn't answer the door so that was a bummer. We then went and visited this potential named Josolin and we knocked at her door and this big black dude walks out and just stares at us it was kind of weird and scary but I just said "Hey we are missionaries for Jesus Christ we are looking for Josolin" He just stares at us and says she doesn't live here and goes inside. So that was kinda weird haha. 
Day 3: Exchanges! Started the day with district council. It was really awesome we talked about the Atonement of Jesus Christ and that is always amazing! Then right after that we went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders and I went with Elder Sanguineti it was a lot of fun! We went and talked to some spanish people since he is a spanish missionary then we had a lesson with one of their friends and I just sat there for an hour and a half while they had a lesson in spanish. Apparently the spanish I learned in high school isn't good enough to follow a conversation who would have known haha. We then went and tried to visit one of our friends that we hadn't seen in awhile and they opened the door and said that they weren't interested anymore so that was kinda sad. 
Day 4: Meals with members! Started off the day with some solid studying then we had lunch with a member. His name is Brother Doyle and he is kind of crazy! The man can talk for hours and has the craziests stories, he was on the national level for the boy scouts and worked with and was friends with, Gordon B. Hinckley, Thomas S. Monson, and Elder Bednar! So that is pretty awesome that lasted for like 2 hours which was crazy but good. We then went and tracted and contacted some members for a while, not much luck but it's all good. We then went out with a member to go to some teaching appointments. They all fell through, both people we were going to see didn't answer the door so that was kinda a bummer, but on the bright side the member took us to dinner and we got to talk and get to know him for a while. 
Day 5: Member contacts! We decided to focus on members today and try to find some members that needed a visit. Well I would say it went pretty great we got a new family to teach, we now have a standing time to go see an older member each week and we built some solid relationships with a couple of members. We then had a member dinner with an awesome crazy family and then we went to a lesson. The lesson was crazy the people we were teaching were Brandon and Sharon.  Brandon was Vaping and playing call of duty the entire time we were there and Sharon was high on pain pills (that is what she told us) so let's just say the lesson didn't go very well haha. But me and Elder Miles got a good laugh out of it so that's good. 
Also Kobe Bryant Died and that is super sad! 
Love Elder Asplund


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