January 20, 2020


Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA


Wyatt Crapo

Zone Conference!!

Spiritual Message: My spiritual message this week is going to be based on the vision of the tree of life that Lehi had. We need to focus on the things that will bring us true happiness (the fruit) and not be distracted by worldly things that will bring temporary happiness (the great and spacious building). Family, friends, we need to be focused on the Savior in our life everyday! Please don't get distracted by the things in this life that are going to lead you off the path to eternal happiness, I beg you please don't step off the path. Your Heavenly Father loves you personally and individually and he is there for you! There are great things that he has in store for all of us. If we can just remain focused on him in this life. There are many things in this life that will bring you happiness but that can't be maintained,  but if we are actively seeking the Savior in our life everyday he has promised us that we will have lasting joy! I love you all and hope you had a great week this week! 
Day 1: Good missionary day! Started off the day with some weekly planning this week is going to be a good week! We then went to a lesson with a less active and her 9 year old son, it went super good and we had a good open discussion with them. We then did some was good we gave out a book of mormon so that was awesome. We then went out with one of our priests it was so much fun! We went and visited Jeron (Someone we found last week) and he opened the door we had a great discussion and he wants us to come back on monday! We then went to go see Sam, he got called into work again but we got to meet his wife so that was super awesome and we are going to come back next week so we are excited. 
Day 2: Exchanges! Went on exchanges with Elder Wood in Riverside it was a ton of fun! We started off the day with some service at this children's care center and we sorted some clothes and did some other stuff it was pretty fun! We then went and talked to a member in Elder Woods ward for like 2 hours it was a lot of fun and we helped him with some things he was struggling with. We then studied and went to Book of Mormon class, I used to go to this class when I was in the YSA so it was a lot of fun and really cool to see everyone!
Day 3: Solid day! Started off the day with some studying, then went tracting not the best day for tracting but it was still a lot of fun. We did that for about 3 hours and then we biked over to one of our lessons. Got there and no one was there haha! So we called him and he answered and told us he forgot haha classic... so then we left for our other lesson and we talked to some people on the way and it was a good time. Got to the next lesson and they were there YAY haha it was a good lesson with two people named Stephen and April so we are excited to teach them again. 
Day 4: Zone Conference! Zone Conference was amazing! I learned so much and we have some things we took away that we are going to try and use in our area we are excited! 
Day 5: Pretty good day! Started the day with some good ol studying! Then we went and talked with the zone leaders for a little bit about our district that was fun! We then did some tracting and it was actually pretty good we found someone his name is Tyrone we are excited to go and teach him! The rest of the day was more tracting it was a good time!
Day 6: Sabbath day! Talked with the bishop this morning about his vision for the area and that was really good we are excited to help him achieve that! Then went to church awesome as usual! Then after church we went to a lesson and brought two priests with us it was actually with Tyrone the person we met yesterday and it went amazing! We answered some of his questions and talked about the restoration and the book of mormon and he wants to come to church next week! The spirit was so strong and it was a great lesson we are excited to keep working with him! 
Love Elder Asplund


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