January 13, 2020


Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA


Wyatt Crapo

Got some snow!

Spiritual message: My Spiritual message this week is about Laman, Lemual and Nephi. When the family of Lehi had to leave into the wilderness Laman and Lemuel murmured and complained because of what the had to do and what they had to leave behind but Nephi turned to the lord and asked for himself if the things they were doing were right. Are we like Laman and Lemual? Are we focused on worldly things in life instead of what the Lord has commanded of us? We need to be focused on what the Lord has commanded us to do and if we have questions or doubts or concerns we need to be like Nephi and turn to the Lord! 
Day 1: 2 lessons today! Started off the day with some weekly planning excited for this week! We then went to a lesson with this guy named Zack. He is a really good guy and could really use the gospel but he is not willing to read and pray about the book of mormon so we might have to drop him, sad :( We then went to a lesson with this couple there names are John and Lacresha there both super awesome, taught the restoration they had some questions about the book of mormon but we bore simple but strong testimony and they are willing to read and pray about the Book of Mormon super excited about that! 
Day 2: Exchanges! Well my companion is a district leader again so we get to go on exchanges with the zone leaders again super awesome! I went with Elder Slieght and we had a good time we found 2 people. The first one his name is Jeron he's a barber and is super down to talk to us I'm excited! The next guy his name is Justin we saw he was struggling to move some stuff so we went and helped him he was super grateful and said he would want to hear what we had to say. Then did some more finding but not much luck. 
Day 3: District Council! Had a good district council, learned a lot and had a good time with my new district. After that we went to a lesson with the sisters and it was good...she Okie talked us for 2 hours but it was still good haha. We then went to a lesson with Sam but he got called in to work but he really wants us to come back so we are excited for that. 
Day 4: Down Pour! Well after weeks of unusually nice weather Oklahoma got hit with some serious storms it was awesome! It rained a ton today so what did we do... went knocking it was a ton of fun! We thought people would be nicer to us because of the rain, NOPE after 3 hours of tracting only one person talked to us and he was a recent convert! He's a super cool guy his name is John. John is now less active not because he doesn't believe but because people judged him at church for having tattoos and no white shirt, WHAT!! That absolutely blows my mind how people can judge such a good guy so sad! Well after a good hard days work in the rain and being soaking wet we decided to go home and study and mark some Book of Mormons! 
Day 5: Snow Day! Saw my first snow today in Oklahoma it was awesome! It was about 12 degrees outside super cold! But we went tracting for about 3 1/2 hours we visited about 20 people and one opened there door haha not so much fun but still a good day because the one that did open the door.... we now have an appointment with on Wednesday so that's awesome! Well besides me thinking my ears were going to fall off while I was biking today it was a pretty good day! 
Love Elder Asplund


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