December 30, 2019


Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA


Wyatt Crapo

Christmas week + transfer calls

Spiritual message: My Message today is about faith, first everyone should read my new favorite chapter about Faith it is Ether 12 it's pretty much amazing! We need to have Faith that everything will work out and that god knows what's best for us. We have a Loving Heavenly Father who truly truly loves us and he wants what's best for us and he knows what's best for us. We need to have hope always as soon as we lose hope that's when our faith starts to dwindle so if i can advise anyone and everyone on one thing it is to never never lose hope cling to what you know to be true and know that your Heavenly Father loves you and is always there for you! Love you all and Hope you had a great week!
Day 1: Christmas Eve! Started off the day with breakfast with a member and that was a lot of fun. Then went and had lunch with our branch mission leader and the sisters in our area. Then we went finding and that was not too fun haha no one wanted to really talk to us but we couldn't blame them it was Christmas eve hahah.... but anyway it was still good to go out and represent the Lord right before Christmas. We then ended the day by having a steak dinner with our zone leaders and playing games!
Day 2: Christmas day! This Christmas day and season was awesome there is nothing better than representing the Lord on his day! I love my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and I am so grateful for everything he did for us, because of his example and the atonement that he performed we are able to get back to our heavenly father and we are able to live with our family's forever! I'm am so grateful for that and I have been thinking about that a lot today! Started off the day by playing some sports with the zone.... lots of fun!! Then went and opened presents also fun then I went to the church and basically talked to my whole family that was the most fun haha. Then we went and had lunch with our branch president and went back to the church and played some board games! For Christmas dinner we walked to our local McDonald's and then went back and played more games overall a great day!
Day 3: not a super eventful day! Did a ton of finding today. Handed out 3 book of Mormons so that was good. We then had dinner with our friend Blake he us super awesome and we are hoping he will get baptized soon. 
Day 4: lots more finding! Started off the day doing some service at the salvation army and that is always fun it was also our last time so that was sad. Then we did finding for the rest of the day and handed out 2 book of Mormons. 
Day 5: Exchanges! went on exchanges with New Haven today it was a lot of fun! I was with Elder Vernon and we had a good day. We decided to go check out this new mall today and we got there and it's a strip mall so that was a lot of fun, especially in the rain. Pretty much got soaked but had a good time. We then ended the day helping someone move out of there house and that was a ton of fun!
Day 6: Transfer calls! Regular Sunday... Got our transfer calls tonight and I'm going to be transferred to Brookhollow haha its in my same zone and i'm going to be with Elder Miles who's a stud! I'm going to miss the YSA  and all the members and all the people we were teaching they are all amazing, and I hope the best for them! I'm also going to miss Elder Palmer he's become a very good friend out her and i'm going to miss him a lot! But im excited for the new challenge and my new companionLove, Elder Asplund


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