December 23, 2019


Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA


Wyatt Crapo

Uplifting Week!

Spiritual message: this quote hit me hard this week so I wanted to share it "The babe Jesus of Bethlehem would be but another baby without the redeeming Christ of Gethsemane and Calvary, and the triumphant fact of the Resurrection."This time of year we need to remember Christ and his birth but we also need to remember why his birth is important and remember all the ways Christ loved us and sacrificed himself for us! Love y'all and hope you had a great week!! 
Day 1: Great day! We started off with some finding at the mall and it was awesome we handed out 10 book of Mormons and it was sweet we felt like we could OYM to anyone it was sweet! Then headed to an appointment and it was canceled so we had an hour to kill so we decided to try and go back to the mall and hand out some book of Mormons! We prayed about how many we think we could hand out in that hour and the answer was 12 so we were like ok lets do it! So we set out to do it! In the first 20 min we talked to maybe 15 people and we got shut down by all of them but we pushed on determined to hand out all 12... We just kept working and we handed out all 12 it was amazing huge miracle and we were super blessed! Ended the day handing out a total of 23 book of Mormons it was awesome!! 
Day 2: Exchanges! Went on exchanges today with Elder Slight my other zone leader and it was way fun! Started it off with some service at the salvation army which is always a good time! Then we went to a lesson with Serena and it went super great and she's coming to church on Sunday! Elder Palmer and Elder Evans had a lesson with Jim and he officially dropped us I'm so sad about that but we are still homies with him and he said he had a great experience with us and really respects us and our church so that's good! Then went to a lesson that Elder Slight had he's a Spanish Elder so I just sat there for an hour and a half while they had a lesson in Spanish super awkward but funny! Zone conference was the next day so we had 6 Elders stay at our place and that was so much fun! 
Day 3: Christmas zone conference! This zone conference was awesome! It was a special Christmas zone conference so it went from 9 am to 5 pm and it was so much fun! We first had a training from President and Sister Christensen and that was amazing as usual. Then we had a huge lunch which was awesome then a talent show which was super cool and funny! Then we watched a movie! It was called the fighting preacher it was so good I highly recommend to anyone. After the movie we did something super cool, we split up into zones and went caroling at an older person care center/rehabilitation center and that was amazing, super cool experience!
Day 4: Interviews! Interviews were super awesome me and Elder Palmer killed the role plays then we interviewed with President Christensen and that was always awesome, Sister Christensen wasn't there so that was kind of sad. The rest of the day we went finding and handed out some book of Mormons and so that's always fun. Then we went to a branch Christmas party that was so fun and we met a couple of potentials there. 
Day 5: Baptism! Today the YSA sisters had a baptism for a guy named Austin he's been in date since I've been here and we are so happy for him! After that we had a lesson with Bri and Alex and that went pretty good! Then we did some finding and handed out a book of Mormon and ended a pretty good day/week! 
Merry Christmas!Love Elder Asplund


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