December 9, 2019


Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA


Wyatt Crapo


Spiritual message: my spiritual message for this week is from this scripture in the doctrine and covenants.  This scripture has been on my thoughts recently so here it is. "Therefore, if you will ask of me you shall receive; if you will knock it shall be opened unto you." Family, Friends, brothers, sisters, this scripture means a lot if we truly desire to know something or want help with something all we have to do is ask! God's hand is always reaching out to us he wants to help us but we need to reach out to him or else he can't grab our hand to help us. So my hope to y'all is that you will reach out your hand and let God grab it and let him help you. Please reach out to him, let him help you and turn to him with all your needs! Love y'all and hope you have had a great week!
Day 1:  A ton of finding! Did a ton of finding today tried some new things to try to spice it up didn't work as well as hoped for but we have faith that it will start working! 
Day 2: What a fantastic day! Started off our day with some finding.  Found 2 potential people so that was a great way to start off the day! We then had our first lesson in a week and a half and it was with our boy Jim!! It was the first lesson we have had with him since he came to church and it was awesome! He loved church and is wanting to come back he finished the book of Mormon and had read 50 pages of the Doctrine and Covenants! We talked about him getting baptized he said he needs to know if the Book of Mormon is true first!  But when he discovers it is he definitely wants to be baptized so we figured out a plan for him to find out its truthfulness,  and we are super excited to see what happens!
Day 3: Today was good! Had district council which is always a good time! Then we went and did some finding we found two potentials so we are pretty excited about that! 
Day 4: Exchanges! Went on exchanges with my zone leader Elder Evans and we had a pretty good day! We started off the day volunteering at the salvation army and that was really fun they love us there hahah. We then did some hard core book of Mormon finding! We handed out 2 book of Mormon and it was a pretty good finding day! We then went to a recital that our friend was singing at and that was awesome! 
Day 5: Pretty good day! We opened the day with some finding that went alright talked to some people and it was a good time. We then had a lesson with Marco it went super good and he said he would come to church so yay! Super cool experience during our lesson there was a girl sitting across the room I got a super big prompting to go talk to her and give her a book of Mormon. Well two things were wrong with that we didn't have a book of Mormon because we handed out our last one earlier that day and we are not aloud to prosolite on TU (where we were at the time) so oof but when the Lord commands us to do something he provides a way. So we searched for a book of Mormon and couldn't find one in either of our bags that's when elder Palmer reached inside his jacket pocket and pulled one out and said oh I forgot I put this in here hahah. So awesome! So I walked over to her and we talked to her for a min and gave her a book of Mormon she accepted it and said thank you with a huge smile on her face now Idk if she will read it or call us but the Lord needed us to go talk to her and that's what we did so we will see what happens! 
Love Elder Asplund


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