December 2, 2019


Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA


Wyatt Crapo

Thanksgiving + a whole lot of finding

Spiritual thought: The spiritual thought for this week is just to go watch the Christ Child video and see how you can help someone this Christmas season. Also Join light the world!
Day 1: p-day/ birthday! Today was a fantastic day! Got some gifts from the fam and had a pretty good rest of the day! We then went to FHE with the branch and they made me a cake so that was awesome hahah! 
Day 2: long day of finding! We went finding all day and it was kind of rough we didn't have much luck and it was just a super long day. All of our friends are out of town for the week so that's no fun we have no appointments for this week and we are just going to be doing a lot of finding. 
Day 3: District Council! We had district council today and it was a lot of fun! Learned a lot and also got told of some changes that are going to happen because of the New handbook some things are exciting and some are not so exciting hahah we just have to go about it with faith. We then went finding of course and no one really wanted you talk to us so that sucked. 
Day 4: Thanksgiving! Today was pretty fun we started off Thanksgiving with a turkey bowl that was awesome! We couldn't prosolite today so we just hung out at the Apt which was fun! We then went to Thanksgiving dinner with our branch mission leader and that was also a lot of fun so over all just a pretty good Day! 
Day 5: A lot of finding and planning! We spent half of the day finding and that went alright it was black Friday so no one really wanted to talk to us. So then we went to red robin and weekly planned while we had unlimited fries and Root beer floats it was pretty fun and we got a lot done. Ended the day with some celebratory steaks (celebration for the New transfer together)! 
Day 6: Good day! Played some football with two of  our members and 11 non members it was sweet! We left with 2 potentials and some more homies so that was awesome! Did some finding which was good then we went and got some transfer blessing from the Zone Leaders and that was amazing! Watched the light the world video it was amazing and so inspiring and uplifting.
Love Elder Asplund


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