November 18, 2019


Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA


Wyatt Crapo

Survived Transfers!

Spiritual message: President Nelson said We can not survive spiritually without the holy ghost! That is so true we need to be recognizing the holy ghost every day and be trying our best to have him as our constant companion! We need to be doing the things in our everyday life to find and keep the holy ghost in our life! If you strive to find the holy ghost I promise you that you will feel closer to your heavenly father and you will feel more peace and comfort in your life! 

Day 1: Exchanges! Went on exchanges with Elder Stucki it was such a great time! Me and Elder Stucki went to TCC and went finding we had no luck but it was still a good time. We then went and saw this referral that we got from the zone leaders his name is Jayden and he's way sick were excited we got to meet him. Ended the day with some exchange shakes and it was a good time. 
Day 2: Today was amazing! We had mission tour today! It was amazing! We had two Seventy come and speak to us! Elder Pieper and Elder Aluid they were amazing and I learned so much it was an amazing experience! We then went to a lesson with Jim. It was such a great lesson Jim finished the Book of Mormon! He also brought his friend Josh to the meeting so we went over the book of Mormon and part of the restoration it was awesome because we used Jim like a member and it was so amazing! Well Jim and Josh both agreed to come to church and we are so hyped! 
Day 3: Today was another great day! We started off our day at the mall always a good time. We got a text from our friend Josh and he said he wanted to meet so we went down to TCC to go see him....well we walked in and there were about 15 people in there so we were happy but... no one wanted to talk to us haha!!  Josh didn't either he just played pool while we sat there for 10 min. We were like what the heck so we asked if he wanted to talk but he said he just wanted to see us so we were like haha ok cool!  After that we were like.... ok then we are going to go, it was super weird. We then went to a lesson with Alyssa she also brought her friend Stevie! It was an amazing lesson so spirit lead we taught the plan and they loved it! 
Day 4: Today was a crazy day! Well we woke up and got a call from the  New Haven Elders and apparently during the night they got there bikes stolen off the second story balcony! It was crazy the people that stole them climbed a ladder to there balcony and stole them then left the ladder so that was crazy! That morning we went and volunteered at the salvation army that was so fun! We then went to the mall and had a great day of finding! 
Day 5: Branch MTC! Today was a good day we went and found for a while and had a good time doing it! Later that night we had the branch MTC and it was so good! We had a great time teaching and getting to know the branch even more it was amazing! 
Day 6: Sabbath day! Today was so great Jim and josh came to church and it was so awesome! We got transfer calls tonight and me and elder Palmer are staying together I'm so happy and grateful!  
Love Elder Asplund


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