October 21, 2019


Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA


Wyatt Crapo

Busses be crazy!!

I felt really prompted to start my letter this week with the spiritual thought. So if you don't read anything else at least read this haha!
Spiritual thought: My spiritual thought this week is on Joy! President Nelson put it perfectly in 2016 General conference in his talk Joy and Spiritual Survival, he said "My dear brothers and sisters the joy we feel has little to do with the circumstances of our lives and everything to do with the focus of our lives" "When we focus our lives on God's plan of salvation...and Jesus Christ and his gospel we can feel joy regardless of what is happening or not happening in our lives. Joy comes because of him!" We can feel joy in any part of our lives, but we need to change our outlook on life! Instead of looking for reasons to complain or feel bad about ourselves we need to rejoice in and for our struggles and overcome them. Have joy in all of our burdens or struggles and be grateful in all of our circumstances because through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ we are all saved and because of him we can experience joy in all aspects of our lives but we have to be looking for that joy and looking to turn to him in all parts of our life! 
Day 1: Today was kind of crazy! So our zone leaders told us that we had to ride the bus for a whole week to test something out. Well the busses here in Tulsa are crazy they drive like they don't really care about anyone else in the road haha. It was definitely an adventure. Two appointments canceled on us today. So there was just a lot of finding today. 
Day 2: We had 3 lessons scheduled today and 2 canceled... but we got to meet with Jim. Jim is having a hard time believing our church because it doesn't have as much history as the Catholics. Also he hasn't had a witness that the Book of Mormon is true, but we had a great discussion with him and hopefully we can help him in the future. 
Day 3: We had 3 lessons planned for today and 2 canceled again... having a real rough streak with lessons but hopefully it will turn around soon! We got to meet with Rand today so awesome to meet with him it's been a couple of weeks so it was nice to see him, he's progressing really well and we want to get him in a baptism date really soon!
Day 4: We had 2 lessons planned for today and we got to teach them both such a blessing!! First lessons was with this girl her name is Alex she works at the BCM which is the Baptist ministry on campus. She is super open to what we have to say and had a lot of questions I love it! Funny thing happened right before our lesson with her, we got a call from New Haven our roommates who had dropped us off that morning at TU and apparently got pulled over by the campus police! So campus police wanted to talk to us so we rode back there quickly and talked to them. We didn't get in any trouble they just wanted to make sure we weren't prosoliting... hahah so much fun! Next lesson was with Sarah we taught a good lesson but Sarah was super closed off from us so I'm not sure she got a whole lot out of it.  Day 5: Today was a pretty good day! We went to the mall this morning and as we were riding on the bus one of the tires fell off and we swerved into the other lane! We were fine and the only thing the bus driver said was "there goes that wheel again" we looked at each other like what the heck this happens often haha. So funny and scary haha. Well we got to the mall and we got a number from this girl that works at LIDs her name is Alysa she is way cool and super interested we are excited to start teaching her! We then had a lesson on TU with Marco it went super well and he wants to start coming to church! Something cool happened later that night...we got invited by one of the people we are teaching to go to church with him and he said if we went he would come to ours so we went! It was a church called victory church. It was super interesting and when we walked in it was like a rock concert so fun! Well after we were done with that some people came and talked to us and tried to convert us haha so funny. And then at the end we got to meet the head pastor at victory his name is pastor paul and he prayed with us it was awesome! Going there was super good for me it truly showed our church is the true church because although they believe in Jesus and were teaching good things they were missing some things! One was first the SPIRIT nothing can truly be taught or learned without the spirit! Next was the priesthood, the power and authority of god and the sacrament two very important things that we need in our lives! And last was an eternal perspective all they focused on was worldly things instead of what can happen in the eternities! Love Elder AsplundPic 1 me and Elder Palmer and the Bus stop Pic 2 Me and Elder Palmer Elder Stucki and Elder Vernon with the head pastor and victory church!


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