October 14, 2019


Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA


Wyatt Crapo

New Companion!

This week was kinda crazy transfers happened! Now i have a new was an interesting week. 
Day 1: Last day with Elder Harrison! Today was really fun, we went to the mall to OYM. We went full speed and got 5 numbers it was really awesome! We then went to a lesson with Kyleigh she is progressing really well and is slowly starting to believe in the BOM! We are really excited to see the huge progression she's gone through!
Day 2: Transfer Day! Really sad to see Elder Harrison go but he's going to be great in his next area! Elder Stucki's companion Elder Olson also left so we were paired up today! It was a lot of fun, we first got to teach Jim, the lesson went great and he is still progressing really well but can't come to church this week and thats pretty sad. We then knocked doors (my first time knocking) and it was awesome we found 2 people and met a lot of other interesting people haha. We then went to meet our companions, Elder Palmer is my companion he seems really cool! 
Day 3: First day with new companion! Today was kind of crazy I got to teach Elder Palmer about the whole area and that was fun to see how much progress we have made since Elder Harrison and I came. We then went to the mall nothing interesting there but we got a call from the Hermana's and they needed us to do a baptismal interview for them so we did that!  
Day 4: Today was super fun! We started off the day with district council and thats always a blast! We then went to TCC and we found some one named Adam he's a big sports guy so we talked about that for a while.... haha! Then we found out his dad is a preacher... but he was still way down to meet with us. We then went to the mall and met this girl named Morgan she was Baptized about 1 1/2 years ago but fell away from the church shortly after but we encouraged her to come back and she said she would! 
Day 5: Pretty slow day. We had another teaching appointment cancel on us thats no fun so far since Elder Palmer has been here we have had 6 teaching appointments and all have canceled haha. I told Elder Palmer its not usually this bad. We went to this big cultural event that was at the stake center that was a lot of fun and there was a really cool talent show after! 
Day 6: Sabbath day! Well we had 2 more teaching appointments cancel today I had to tell Elder Palmer again its usually not this bad. Church was amazing and one of our friends came today her name is Sarah we were super excited about that! 
Spiritual message of the week, Read Alma 32:21-22 we need to have faith in god always even if we don't have a perfect knowledge of the things of the church or the things he does in our lives! We aren't put on this earth for easy times always we are put on this earth so that we can experience hard times and if we can endure through the hard times our eternal Joy will be that much better! Love Elder Asplund
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