September 2, 2019


Oklahoma City,Oklahoma,USA


Wyatt Crapo

First week of Mission is OKCrazy

Hey everyone if i didn't respond to you don't take it personal i just don't have any time haha i still love and miss you all!My first week has been eventful to say the least... the first minute we were out of the airport we were driving down the street and on the side of the rode we saw a dead person and like 8 cop cars!! it was so crazy! The rest of the day was so fun we just went to this pizza place that had the best pizza EVER!! and then we just chilled with the APs's all day and played ping pong and spike ball and got ready for transfers the next day.
Day 1: Transfer day! We went to this church and met all the trainers. We had a couple of meetings, a few trainings and then it was time to get our trainers. I waited and waited and i was the last one to get a trainer... his name is Elder Harrison and he is pretty cool. He's very energetic and so knowledgeable he going to be a good trainer for me. So next we got our areas and we were sent to the Tulsa YSA area so that means i will be on the campus of Tulsa and teaching young single adults which is way cool! We get to the APT. and we are sharing one with two other elders so this should be fun.
Day 2: Its our first day and since we got "shotgunned" which means that they took out both the elders that were in this area and put in two brand new ones. So basically what that means is we had no idea what to do. We had no appointments or anything so we just walked around and talked to a ton of people we got 2 phone numbers and a referral to teach the next day it was way fun. I also got to see the Tulsa Football team practice that was way cool. Elder Harrison and I are very different but we get along good and work together well.
day 3: we had a district council that was fun especially since my companion is the district leader... haha. We had that till 2 then we taught a lesson at 3 to a guy named nickoles... it went so well he is a real truth seeker and i hope we are able to help him. We have another appointment next week. We also went finding on campus for one hour and got someones number so that was cool. We also went to this dinner at the church to meet some of the YSA  Members.
day 4: Today was interesting, it was my first biking day and i'm not going to lie it SUCKED we biked like 30 miles!! Also we were riding our bikes to a dinner appointment with the branch president and I hit a bump on the sidewalk and we were going pretty fast and both of my tires popped so that was not so fun. it was Saturday so the campus was dead we were there for 3 hours and talked to 1 person it stunk and for the rest of the day we did weekly planning and companionship inventory.   
Day 5: The Sabbath day was really cool! Our Branch is super cool it was definitely  the craziest and most interesting testimony meeting I've ever been at. Well thats pretty much all that happened hahaWell thats my first week it was crazy and a-lot of fun i love and miss you all! 
Love Elder Asplund


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