Photos Date Area Title
February 17, 2020 San Cristobal B We all got a chicken-duck-woman thing waiting for us
February 10, 2020 San Cristobal B No Title
February 3, 2020 San Cristobal B I have a man crush on Patrick Mahomes
January 30, 2020 San Cristobal B Kobe for accuracy and precision
January 20, 2020 San Cristobal B We've been smeckledorfed
January 13, 2020 San Cristobal B Operation be a freaking shark
January 6, 2020 San Cristobal B THEY'RE GREAT!!!!!
December 30, 2019 San Cristobal B Now release all your stress and emotions
December 23, 2019 San Cristobal B Don't reach young blood, don't reach!!
December 19, 2019 San Cristobal B Bye buddy, hope you find your dad
December 11, 2019 San Cristobal B Hakuna Matata
December 5, 2019 San Cristobal B Pass the ball Kobe!!
November 25, 2019 San Cristobal B Yoked, Swole, Swaged, Ripped, Big, Buff, Beefed, Shredded, Phat?
November 19, 2019 San Cristobal B cookie dough is the sushi of desserts
November 12, 2019 San Cristobal B That thot turned into not
November 7, 2019 San Cristobal B ¡Feliz Dia Elder Monroy!
October 22, 2019 Huehuetoca/Xalpa Ben Simmons starts campaign for 3rd straight Rookie of the year
October 14, 2019 Huehuetoca/Xalpa You're a hizard Warry
October 7, 2019 Huehuetoca/Xalpa Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, guess what day it is!!
September 27, 2019 Huehuetoca/Xalpa Un segundo... okay sí es cierto
September 20, 2019 Huehuetoca/Xalpa Oh my goodness, all of you lambs be quiet
September 10, 2019 Valle De Tules, Mexico Jojo Chavez=Aquaman
September 2, 2019 Valle De Tules, Mexico The streak will be old enough to be a convert soon
August 27, 2019 Valle De Tules, Mexico Football>Fútbol
August 21, 2019 Valle De Tules, Mexico *Hermana Merrill weird noise*
August 12, 2019 Valle De Tules, Mexico Huh, are you??
August 6, 2019 Valle De Tules, Mexico Holy Hills
August 1, 2019 Tepozotlan, Mexico And I know, I have to go away
July 29, 2019 Tepozotlan, Mexico Ooo, my boy Jojo going to Prom! Mess it up Jojo! Mess it up Jojo!
July 15, 2019 Tepozotlan, Mexico Dr Pepper Dark Berry Hunting
July 9, 2019 Tepozotlan, Mexico Brought to you Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue
July 2, 2019 Tepozotlan, Mexico DEP Presidente Urrea, Bienvenido Presidente Severson
June 26, 2019 Tepozotlan, Mexico The Good Side
June 19, 2019 Tepozotlan, Mexico I got a really big teams, they need some really big rings
June 11, 2019 Tepozotlan, Mexico The Warriors blew a 3-1 lead
June 3, 2019 Tepozotlan, Mexico A visit from Elder Holland
May 27, 2019 Tepozotlan, Mexico Gold
May 21, 2019 Tepozotlan, Mexico Voy a salvar los pecadores
May 14, 2019 Tepozotlan, Mexico Tony Stark dies
May 6, 2019 Tepozotlan, Mexico Baptzm Szn!!!
April 30, 2019 Tepozotlan, Mexico We got one!!
April 22, 2019 Tepozotlan, Mexico supiste que yo he tenido diarrea desde Pascua
April 15, 2019 Tepozotlan, Mexico Elder Holland is coming!!
April 8, 2019 Tepozotlan, Mexico 6 months in... time flies
April 2, 2019 Tepozotlan, Mexico Cambios /Transfers
March 28, 2019 San Lucas No Title
March 19, 2019 San Lucas Libro de Mormon
March 11, 2019 San Lucas My Name is Doug and I love you
March 4, 2019 San Lucas Milagro on Camino Real
February 25, 2019 San Lucas Temple Trip and Intercambios...when do I get to sleep?
February 18, 2019 San Lucas New Area!!! It's Trio Time!!
February 11, 2019 Atotonilco We almost had a pet German Sheppard, twice. Transfers?
February 4, 2019 Atotonilco "We are what they become." Maybe last week here in Atotonilco
January 28, 2019 Atotonilco  "Dang Spring you got a big butt" -Elder Parke. Week 10 in Atoto
January 21, 2019 Atotonilco Cactus tastes a lot better than you'd think. Week 9 in Atoto
January 14, 2019 Atotonilco Almost struck by lightning. Week 8 in triste Atotonilco
January 7, 2019 Atotonilco Looking looking looking. Week 7 in Atoto
December 31, 2018 Atotonilco ¡Feliz Año Nuevo! Week 6 in Atoto
December 24, 2018 Atotonilco ¡Feliz Navidad! Week 5 in Atoto
December 17, 2018 Atotonilco Throwing Up and Temple Trips. Week 4 in Atotonilco
December 10, 2018 Atotonilco 2 Months Down!!! ¡¡Beautifiss!!
December 3, 2018 Atotonilco Ilumina el mundo. Week 2 in the field
November 26, 2018 Atotonilco First week in Atotonilco
November 19, 2018 Mexico City North Mission Office ¡Primer dia en el Campo!
November 16, 2018 Mexico City CCM Es el tiempo para conseguir este pan. Final week in the CCM
November 9, 2018 Mexico City CCM The origins of Lacrosse, "Shoutout to the Heavenly Father for the Expiación". Week 5 in the CCM
November 2, 2018 Mexico City CCM We know you have the don de lenguas. Week 4 in the CCM
October 26, 2018 Mexico City CCM May we obtain a rip in the electronic discourse. Semana 3 en el CCM
October 19, 2018 Mexico City CCM Chicas No!! Lord free Reign!! Semana Uno y Dos en la CCM
October 9, 2018 Mexico City CCM Arrival at Mexico City CCM
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