June 5, 2019


Missionary Training Center


Jason Cooper


Labas Family and Friends!

Today is the mark of my first week here which is crazy because it feels like I have been here for about a month or two. But I hear after the first week it goes by so fast so I have been enjoying every moment of my time here.
I have been seeing so many people I know from BYU and
BYUI and making new friends everyday. My zone consists of multiple languages such as Russian, Ukrainian, Latvian, Estonian, Armenian, and Georgian. There are soooo many Russian speakers haha. My zone is super fun and it mainly consists of a bunch of Russians so I feel like I’m
learning Russian and Lithuanian.
We play volleyball as a zone for exercise time and it gets crazyy, just imagine a bunch of people that have been learning Russian for 7 weeks and who are only allowed to speak Russian playing volleyball all together.
My teachers are super amazing and are just filled with love and joy as they teach. I’m in a trio companionship so I have three companions instead of just two of us and it is just so
great and they are super nice to help study.
This past Sunday it was fast Sunday and it was ROUGH we just had meetings after meetings without any food so dinner was glorious.
This week has been so spiritual that I can’t help but feel the love of Christ everyday. The MTC is just an amazing place because I am separated from the world and able to focus on my purpose as a missionary which is to invite others
to come unto Christ.
I joined choir and we sing during devotionals on Tuesdays. This Tuesday we got to sing for Elder Gong of the Quorum of the 12 apostles and that was an amazing experience especially for my first devotional. I can now tell you that I know the gift of tongues is so true and real, I have felt it all this week and I know that I wouldn’t be able to progress this quickly with the language without the gift of tongues. That’s pretty much it, the computers went down so
I will hopefully say more next week. I love you all! Aš mylime jūs!
Vyresnysis Banas (bonas)
P.S.- Oh we found out what are last names are in Lithuanian and mine is like banana and I love it so much.
P.P.S- That is where I got the title of this email from cha cha (haha).


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