February 3, 2020




Elder Henderson


goodness im just so glad i understand the jerga ( slang ) finally. ived talked about it a lot and i wanted to take some time to respect what the tucumanos here call " tucumano basico" . it is a language independent of spanish and includes words from Quechua ( the incan language) and guarani (a language from the kingdom that once encompassed all of paraguay ya lot of argentina. still spoken today by all paraguayos) 
list of tucumano basico frases and words: - ancaso - headbutt-uncaca - worm-chango - either a boy or person that wants to mess around with other people- every word that ends with -ado sounds like -au ( more portugues that spanish) -cuetazo -  gunshot-tumbero- homemade gun made out of a 1 1/4 inch pipe and loaded with a shotgun cartridge a discharged with nail.-che - dude-gato- tucumano, or more specifically a tucumano that robs ( tucumanos are known to the whole country as "los gatos" or those who rob-¡ay, qué te pasa, vos! -  hey, what's wrong with you!-¡achá!- what a tucumano yells to another tucumano when he wants to steal his girl.-gil - a dumb person-choro - thief-choriar- to rob-fiero- very ugly-capo- stud- the double r sound makes a "sh" sound here. "persho"= perro- ive given up. to much gerga. 
uses of the word vos:1. the final "S" of the word is not pronouncedex: "cómo andás, ¿vos?" sounds like " cómo andá, ¿vo?2. the accent and stress of the word is moved to the last vowel.ex: "necesitás tranquilizarte"3. the comand for vowels sound really funny.ex: "calláte, ¡vos!" - shut up! 
well, hope you enjoyed that. pretty much only those of you that speak spanish will know what im talking about jaja.I love Argentina, just so glad for every day I have to be here. im almost coming up on only having 6 months left. I really can't believe it. it's still just going so fast. we've been working so hard these last few weeks and this week we saw so many miracles. found two golden families and many many other people to visit. so many miracles!!!!! I really am just so thankful for the gift of the Holy Ghost. my comp y i have been able to receive his help so much these last weeks. God truly is our best source of references. 
well, today we went fishing. it's been quite a while ( 16 months ) since i've gone. caught us some mojarras ( mojarshas) y also a little crawdad thing. so many beautiful rivers and mountains. the andes is a nice place. 
so thats the week. everything good. our zone is absolutely on fire ( even though its been a tough month) son capos. thanks a ton for reading. don't be a chango y keep reading the scriptures, praying, y going to church. I love you!
-elder Ávery
1. big caracol (snail)2. la zona nueva3. mojarra 4.el compañero


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