January 27, 2020




Elder Henderson

Re: un correo de fotos. de nada.

13.  pic of the zone!!!14. elder clark divisiones y eating mangos. 15.elder clark the champ. hes from bozeman and in my opinion the most interesting man in the world.  is "bilingual" and a fellow ex cross country runner. except he was on the team that took nationals and is a lot less fat that me.16. idk. transfers. oh ya, we had transfers today, but very little in our zone changed.
On Mon, Jan 27, 2020 at 3:18 PM Jackson Avery <> wrote:
9. stir fry.10. angry "zeus" 11. andres. convert of a year y the owner of zeus.12.big dead boy
On Mon, Jan 27, 2020 at 3:16 PM Jackson Avery <> wrote:
5. the district6. my new very unhealthy addiction. "achilata" only exists in the province of tucumán.7. lunch in famaillá. elder clark is on the ground.8. great guy in famaillá that got baptized.
On Mon, Jan 27, 2020 at 3:11 PM Jackson Avery <> wrote:
well, in was a better week. heck we learned a lot. did everything we could to find new people to teach y still had so many rejections. but that dont matter!!!!! we did our job y we were joyful! 
1. I experienced some of the best fellings ive ever had in my life as I had the great opportunity to teach and share my testimony of the temple. teh treu house of the Lord. it helped me remember how grateful i am to have been born into the covenant and the decision that my parents took to seal my family for now and eternity.  because of the saviour, every single one of us can live in eternal families. i know that. it is knowledge that i will never be able to deny. well, we taught temples to 3 of our recent converts here in conción  (concepción) and i just felt the spirit testify so strongly y i know that these new members of the church felt it too. all three have made it their goal to visit the temple this year. 2. the convert that we didn't get to share about temples is daira. she's 9, loves church, has a 7 year old sister that is exactly like here in every way, y is actually helping with the missionary work. que capa. also her dad is member since he was 8, but has been in an  out inactive most of his life. he is now one of the most amazing members in this branch. my dream is to see them in the temple in cordoba sealed for eternity. he's preparing to receive the melchizedek priesthood! 3. one of the converts is named nadia y is 14. she was in FSY all week anmd came back with a mountain of a testimony,  already is preaching the gosplel with all of her friends y telling them how dumb it is to break commandments, y is now helping her family ( all but one are mebers) come back to church, y is dead set on serving a mision y getting married in the temple!!!!!!!! i mean shes got a bit of a wait, but she has a determination like ive never seen. 
this is joy, joy that is eternal. y we get to help others feel this joy.  I have met people here in argentina that i will love forever. friendships that ill carry every year of my life. 
just know that i'm lovin everyday of this mission. a little scary because I only have 7ishs months. thanks to all that read the emails y tambien, write me. ¡son  capos y les amo a ful!  never forget that Jesus is the Christ, and that means he's the saviour. through him we can live with our loving Heavenly Father forever. gracias a todos. have a great week my friends!
1.sleeping arrangements before a zone conference in our pension. 8 missionaries, six group in the leaders conference.3. two best members y now elder Ruiz. was our ward mission lider. now in brazil going to the Joao Passoa mission.


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