January 20, 2020




Elder Henderson

"¿puedo ir a tu iglesia?"

to be a 100% honest missionary: it was a very hard, demanding week that allowed me to appreciate the importance of patience. 
Lets get started!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : 1. i had my first ( surprising huh?)  "bash". no yelling, and was completely guided by the spirit.  w found a guy that was filled to rim with pride. for example: he said that he was perfect, that it was more important to serve your neighbor than God, and that he was the owner of one of the biggest sugar factories in argentina ( also boasted of many things that were not true in any form). to say the least, it was an interesting conversation. we read scriptures, bore our testimonies, and he still rejected us. so sad to see it. just a man, that is obviously loved by God infinitely, but still vert very lost in his own pride and doctrines of men. oh man 2. so many people yelled, cursed, laughed, y talked trash on us for what we are doing every day. so many people ( one of them a violent drunk man. thats another funny story) criticised us for many of the things that we teach. primarily for our belief if joseph smith being a profet of God. 3. someone almost intentionally hit me with a car.4. many apointments we had planned for this week completly fell and we were left with a lot of time knocking on doors ( or clapping our hands).
one thing ican say for sure: i know that what we believe in is true. i know that what we do everyday is correct and with a divine purpose. we saw so many miracles as well in the later part of our week. the member assistance almost doubled from my first week here, 8 people we are teaching came to church, we found so many new golden people teach, and we learned a lot of christlike attributes.  i am very thankful for this week. a missionary needs to have a week like this in order to truelly be gratefully for the highes and miracles that are bound to com eeinthe fute.well, imout. no picks cause thsi cyber is horrible jaja. ill be ablke to send quite a few next week. i promise!!!!!! i truelly d o love you guiys so much y i hoipe you have a great week. alwasy strive to build your testimony. if its not growing, its dying. -elder Avery


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