January 6, 2020




Elder Segales

jaja im alive

well mis dear brothers and back jaja. p-days and i wont be getting fire  bombed with emails everytime i log. the holidays are over... now I have time. 
ok, ill take a sec to explain for the second timewhat the holidays are like down here  in "tina" . 1. enough alcohol to fill the great salt lake2. cumbia so loud that your ears are bleeding and begging for mercy. 3. you get hugged by 2 drunk people dailey.4. 100 degree temperatures with humidity.5. can knock on 10houses doors and 0 will answer ( the morning) 6. every restaurant and store is  closed. no exception. 7. the morning after christmas there wasn't a soul in the street until 4 in the afternoon. 6. the members are so nice here and gave us asado. oh, it was good. 
alrighty. so... we baptized! nadia muñoz y daira güedo both made a covenant with God. they were both so excited.daira ( 9 years years old) asked if she could do it again jaja. shes the best.nadia ( 14 years old) was so ready for this. she was baptized 3 weeks after we first found her. says she wants to be a missionary some day and read the first 11 chapters of the book of mormon the first day we gave her it! her mom also makes the best bombitas ive had in my life. yesica seco is getting baptized this next week thats coming up. we are seeing so many miracles! the are that my comp and i are in is known are aharder area in the mission. the first thing we said when we got here is that we couldn't care less about what other missionaries have said about it, were going to baptize!  now we are seeing the fruits and receiving the blessings. I truly love this area and everyone in it so much. these people will always be so important to me for my entire life. just hope i can gfive them everything i can for the next eight months i have in this beautiful country. doesn't matter if someones trying to rob me dailey, i love this place. 
Christmas night was spent between us and 4 other elders in our house in a sleepover ( permitted by president! im not trucho!!!!!). chilled y destroyed a few liters of ice cream and watched the sky get blown up by totally illegal ( even illegal here) fireworks. so much fun.año nuevo was similar. during the day we went to Tafi del Valle with almost the whole zone. look it up!!!!!! its so beautiful. just some valley in the andes. then in the night 2 other missionaries slept in our pension, but in the night we went and feasted on asado ( the best ). heck, it was a great time. 
last little side note we got asked some incredible snaky questions this week. oh gosh. a 25 year old who already asked a question that implied her wanting to move a way from argentina with us. super nice lady, but that question was too much. jaja i love this place. 
ok the important part: this is the truth. I say it cause iknow it. i'm so glad that we had this great time to remember the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I know he lives. this mission has and will forever convince me that he and our Father loves us infinitely. I can't reject that. and if i do it there is nothing worse i could possibly do. Christ lives and has created one church. I represent that church.  gracias so much for reading. sorry for being so long!!!!!! and for not writing for the last 3 weeks! ill try harder but seriously, thanks.  please don't hate me for the serious lack of pics. I have issues. chau!



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