December 16, 2019




Elder Segales


fotos. 1. conferencia of christmas. 2-4. service activity of cookies and caroling and elder christenson. 
On Mon, Dec 16, 2019 at 4:56 PM Jackson Avery <> wrote:
goodness. we got transfers at 10 y due to traveling probs we didn't get to a computer until 10:40 at night.................. im so tired. dont worry we had permission to be out so late, so dont you be calling me trucho. ( good ol argentine castellano). well, my comp elder segales only has two weeks of his mission and is getting transferred!!!!!!! we were both pretty bummed cause we wanted to have these last two weeks together working here in conción . he´ll leave for salta this friday which i pretty weird , but we trust that the Lord needs him in another area for a reason. another missionary named elder henderson de south jordan is gonna come down to be in a trio with us til friday. ive known him for a while already y i really can't wait! and this is gonna be his first time as zon leader leaving me as his trainer right after being trained. ( really not a ton to learn, just a lot of extra things to get used too). as well...... we are finally hoping to baptize this week two awesome friends of ours. we have worked so hard for this and we can't wait. we have some awesome missionaries coming to the zone. we are qworking so hard to hit our goal, thats pretty dang high. i know that everythings posible. 
alright. dont have a whole lot of time. super disorganized, but heres part of our week. loving the heck out of concepcion ( "conción" as they say here). enjoy the fotos y have a great week!


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