November 18, 2019




Elder Segales

the theme song to Hot Rod is playing in this internet cafe

of all the things that happened these last two weeks i chose that to be my headline. shame on me. ill give more "Headline title" ideas:I WAS IN A DUSTSTORM LEO GOT BAPTIZED!!!! WOOOOOOOOO¡!¡!ELDER PAGE TO SANTIAGO Y ELDER AVERY TO TUCUÁN102 feverMy comps handle bars broke off while we were riding in the street. IM IN CONCEPCIÓN
ok, i hope all that redeemed me. 
alright. so much freaking stuff has happened. fast: last week in pichanal was hot y we had a duststorm that recked the city. made it impossible to have the baptism of leonela. so we didnt. i got out of pichanal to be zone leader in concepcion, tucumán. leo got baptized, but this last week with two new elders. honestly i was so bummed. a little frustrated of all the work we had done to prepare so many people to be baptized and we were so close to seeing this miracle happen. and just to have this storm come in y ruin everything. later realized that it really doesnt matter. i was able to be part of the entire process of leo´s decision in getting baptized. reapers and harvesters can rejoice together. im so thankful that leo could get baptized. like i said, im in concepcion, tucumán. ma comp is elder segales from la paz, bolivia. i can already tell he´s gonna be one of if not my favorite comp yet. love him to death. i woke up with a fever on thurday y tried everything i could do get better. figured I wouldn't so i just tried to do anything i could to keep working . ended up jus sleeping all day so i could work the next. it worked. well out of time. so many things to talk about but notime. love this place so much. concepcion is one of the most beautiful cities i the mision.  
fotos:1.milanesa napolitana2. hate me if you must ( jk its a sin) i forgot my other sd card jeje so ill send thhose million somthing pics for last 4 weeks next week.


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