November 4, 2019




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"DJ Omar, destroying your eardrums" ... pretty catchy, huh?
this week is the 4th election week in a row and you hear your fair share of funny stuff everyday throught the speakers.
¡OK! LET'S GET SERIOUS: ¡¡¡¡¡this week was a week of milagros!!!!!!
1.  invited so many people to church you wouldnt even believe. walked to a large amount of poeples houses sunday moring y all said " ya, well met you there". none came except one ( leonela!!!!!!). got to church y there were three people we hadnt even invited!!!!! two were formerly bieng taught by past misionaries and the other is the "pareja" ( respectful way to say girlfriend in spanish)  of a reactivated member. you dont even know how close i was to passing out with joy. ( thats not even a thing but ok). she, before this last week, despised us y wouldn't stand talking to us and/or about the church. 2. just that. the cahnge of heart i was able to see in the girlriend of that member. at church they both asked me if we could come over and give her the lessons. my answer: " tonight". went over, taught the restoration and about the book of mormon i havent seen before. the spirit was so strong.  i saw a heart of stone soften this week and im so thankful i was able to be a part of it. the spirit does amazing things. we also set a baptisimal date with her so we are so freaking PUMPED!3. we set a baptisimal date with leonela. if everything goes perfect, she´ll be dunked this week.  im so proud of her. shes read so much and exersized so much faith. 4. im just straight up out of time, but I could go on all day. 
my time in this dusty, hot a freak town might be comng to an end soon. i kinda hope i can stay a little longer. i love this place so much and am so thankful for everysecond ive had to bring the one and only tue Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Lord and savior of this world. i know im here with my companion for a reason. cant wait to see more miracles while im here. 
well, " it is time to stop". love you all much. feel free to send me an email to show that you actually care about me ( actually im pretty bad at writing back, so FORGIVE ME if i dont answer. )  if i dont answer just know i still love you ( probably).  have a good week everyone. just know that i good, happy y hot down here in pichanal. love you all!
-elder Avery 
1. the area pichanal2. thats the only pic casue the internet sucks


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