October 28, 2019




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Power Outage ! the first of many

This Week:
-hot as freak!!!!!!!!!! ( 110 degrees right now, walking, and in houses with out AC) i respect these people for living here,-argentine presidential elecciones were yesterday. it was wild. even up here in pichanal.-we got chased by horrible demonic perros last night trying to get home. our friend that was with us just started throwing rocks at them. the argentines know what theyre doing.- ate 5 meals of milanesa this week. - Found really cool Leonela "leo" by looking for less active members. came to church y read the book of mormon after first leccion! -We cleaned the pension real good today. also threw out the old bookshelf and improvised with a broken fridge. -normando bought a kiriquincho (type of armadillo) and has it as a pet. gonna eat this week and invited us to the barbeque  - saw many many miracles with the people were teaching. many many miracles.
¡asi fue la semana!  it was prety good. learned a ton because it was pretty tough. lots of regection, but we didnt stop for a minute so were able to see many miracles at the end of everyday. 
just had a huge power outage in pichanal so now im in Orán, the biggest city around. everyone says that itsvery comon. everytime it hits 110 degrees or close the power cuts due to so many fans and AC units going. its even hotter... so now im in a intrenetcafe with ceiling full of spiders and computers infested with a thousand freaking viruses. jaja sorry , im not sending pics today! 
well, ya eve n hough its hot as heck and we heard " soy catolico apostolico romano y te avisaré  cuando quiera cambiar mi religion"  i love this place to death. I know I have to be here and that there are a lot of people that i need to find. just know that the missions going good, ive been able to see many miracles and see my self grow. i love these people and want to give everything to help them. hope you all have a good week. im out-elder avery
1. ill send like 30 pics next week


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