October 14, 2019




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¿sos alemán?

random lady: "¿sos alemán? " me: "no, somos misioneros". lady: "ah, ¡yo vivía ahí también,'che!" me: " ¿que?.."
fun conversation that happens quite a bit here, except she ended conversation thinking that i was from "misiones", a province in argenina jaja!  i hope that means my spanish is at least dicent...
alrighty. twas a pleasant week, yo.  we worked really hard and saw quite a bit sof succses. it was 107 F or something like that a few days this week and everyone keeps telling us this is nothing............ "im gonna freakin die here" - last words of elder avery.  but seriously, spring started just a few weeks ago and its already this hot. we saw many many blessings though. we left on time evey day this week to work in the arternoon and we found so many people to teach and had many amaing lessions. our baptism with Normando fell this week ;(. but he still has the desire toi be baptised, he just wants toi feel more ready. which blows my mind casue he ready the book of mormon and go to church by hikmself now. i believe he does have a tesitmony poriob with joseph smith though. we are working with him a lot now. love this kid to death and am so proud of all that he does. Pray for him!i complete 13 months this week... what the rained yesterday, meaning less hot and less cars on road. thank you!weve been working aton latley with lesss active members. trying to get then to come back to church because the retention rate in small towns issnt the best. we visited quite a few and almost all are very receptive, its just that the majority arnt willing to give up a few hours of sleep in the morning. reminder: sleep is sacred here.well theres a little bit of my week. love this little town a ton y dont know hows much longer ill be here. pray for rain so i dont die.  loev you all so muchç. have a good week and so read some of the book of mormon! les amo!
-elder Ávery
1. u gunna be ticked but i forgot mi camara. im, gonna have a few next week so dont ya worry


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