October 7, 2019




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General Confrence! wow, it was good. and the bet part about it is that we helped normando come with us to see the apostles y prophet! due to internet problems and horrificly disgusting wifi in the church we had to go watch all 4 sessiones in the house of a memeber ) this means that we had absolutly no one thata were teaching able to come to the conference with us.... that was frustrating. on sunday we watched both sesiones in another members house and we were able to bring someone (Normando)to his house for the last session. the only word to describe this is ¨miracle¨. we honestly thought that we wouldnt have a single assistance in church this week. but Normando is capo y came to church. also, general conference was so good. personally answered many questions y gave me a lot of clarification on how to teach certain topics. Loved the talk by elder Christoferson and his topic of Joyñ that truelly thsi gospel and ¨christ àre+ joy¨.that talk really meant a lot to me and answered a lot of conscious and unconscious questions i had. after the conferencia, normando told me that he loved it! the choir, the talks, and specially listening to the prophet of God speak. there is nothing like seeing testimony grow in the heart of someone that you care about. Normando: uim sure if i have already mentioned this capo yet. But Normando is 13 ( looks like he´s 17), has 4 siblings, mom is super great, reads the Book of Mormon, and is the best soccer player on his team ) im not kidding=. he also has his baptismal date for this week. he is defintily ready, but were praying that his mom sees the same way.also: had fun story about parasites this week but im out of time no no eslination given. love you all! hope you all listended in to the general conference and the great chance we have to hear from a prophet of God. i know for sure that he is, and that he and every one of those twelve apostles are called of God. have god week everyone! Love you!
-elder avery
1.sorry. my mexican friend ( from my dstrict) and got thrown to the worst computers in this place. theyre a million freaking viruses on this thing so i cant send pics this week. sorry!!!!!!!!!!


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