September 23, 2019




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Una Camisa Quemada

caballeros y damas, the shirt has been burned. one year has been completed of the two y i really cant believe that its already here. its really been the best year of my life. ive leanrned so much and seen miracles. ill never be able to deny what ive seen , heard, expirienced, and felt. never. i know that what i done fo r the last year is the Lords work. the most important work of the world.  and im honored to do this for one more year. i cernenly feel alot more prepared for this year than i did the last and i have set goals that i will achieve. i know that the book of mormon is true. and as taught by president benson, our religion would be notheing without it. its the proof that all of this is true. proof that joseph smith was a prophet clalled of God and from this prophet the revelation given about our eistence and pourpose. God has created this great Plan of Happyness so that we can live together with him  forever. i know it. i know all of this is true cause i have recieved a real whitness. i prayed and studied for my self and now i can say for myself that is is the truth and it always will be.  well, to summerize the week. it went really well. saw many miracles everyday and we see so much progress with so many people.  the members threw me a really good surprise party ( got me good). made cake, empanadas, milanesa, did piñata, and the salta tradicion " mordar la torta" ( bir¡te the cake) in which i got my face smashed into half of the cake made for me. really do love these members. theyre starting family home evenings with the people were teacheing so im so excited!
well im heading out. love you all, have a good week. be thankfull for the weather in utah cause its gonna be 103 degrees this weeek here and its still winter ( yay, first day of spring this week).  hope you all have a good week yo!-elder avery
1.monoploy for pday yo2.some of the surviving cake that my face was pushed into.3.elder lopez de mexico. divisiones!!4. elder lopez again


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