September 9, 2019




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No sleep...

no time to tight today so ill make it quick. 
well, just to say: we got zero sleep last night jaja. there was a big parade/party  right on the corner of our pension with a good 80% of pichanal on the street... all night! goodness you should see argentines party. the US of A has absolutly nothing compared to these people. we just walk intoi the pension at night and the whole building was just  shaking. honestky thought the windows would fall out jaja. well in result, we didnt get a good sleep y im pretty tired rn. 
we had conferencia de zona this week y our president talked a and focused on the book of mormon. he wants us to work a lot more with the BOM cause if one can find that the book is true they can understand that the church is true. pretty nice how it works. he bore powerful testimony of the book y it really helped me stregthened my own testimony. he also told us to invite every member here to give a book of mormon to a friend withtheir testimony writen in it. 
i, like many, invite everyone to continue- or start - reading the book of mormon. and read it with a porpose. read it to find out if it is true or to build your already gained testimony of its truthfulness. i testy that it indeed is the most correct book on the face of the earth. i know it because i did what Moroni invites all to do in the tenth chapter of his own book. it honestly took me along time to come to know for myself. but i remeber clearly that when i made that prayer to God in the early weeks of my mission, i recieved an answer. one so clear that i will never be able to deny it. im thankful for that. 
ok fam, need to go rn but really do love ya tons. just a sudgestion: find a christlike atribute that you struggle with or one that intrests you a lot and find it in the topical guide. then study the scriptures you find. promise thatll help alot. Love you y have agood week! ( also be prayaing for us, we got abaptism this week y we really want to see it go through)
-elder Avery
1.elder villalba de with the zone leaders3super cool pàckage that a fam sent me4. Pichanal yo!


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