September 2, 2019




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Chicken Fightin

seriously though. its a thing and its illegal. some guy i contacted on a bus let me in on some of the underground life here.
alrighty gonna keep it quick:  was actually a pretty tough week. we missed two and a half days worth of work due to  conferences y my first baptisimal interview i had to do. time is gold y we got robbed of it. but still we passed y reached the majority of our goals during the weekend ( which is normaly imposible). 
found quiet abit of new people this week y set baptisimal dates too,. what we focused most on is asistences, but sadly no one came to church this week. ( even after going to peoples houses in the mornign before church to wakethem up y walk with them. no one. tbh kinda discuraged me a bit, but when i got home i had athought to pray y read the scriptures. i started my fast y did just that. i imediatly felt a lot more energized y understood that the peoople will always have their agency. we just need to keep working y help the, understund really how im,portant it is to make sacrifices. 
ok, so in all a pretty good week. i truelly do want to see miricles in this tiny town, so you know we´ll be working hard this week. love you all tons. thanks for reading my mans. son capos ( if you read) y your not ( if you didnt). chau a todos!
-élder Ávery
1.yum, empanadas de salta2.yo y elder page from layton utah3. the district ( elder page, elder lopez de méxico, y elder villalba de paraguay)4.the district eating super cheap thatll prob get us sick ( elder page avoiding pic) 


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