August 19, 2019




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ok, lets get started.

wow. idk where to start. it was an insaine week that is going to be a tad bit hard to desribe. well most importantly we saw the baptisms of Rita y Juan! it was amazing!!!!! theyre both capos y will be amazing memebers of the church.
i was correct. i abandoned my son got transfered from the beloved independencia , tucumán to a small town in salta called pichanal. one of my old companions served here y told me a bit about it. well, im here now y i love it! im very thankful for the time my son elder horne y i had together. really taught me so much. ( just to note, my papi -trainer- ends his mission today.)also got the call last night that im district leader. got here to pichanal today y met my new comp elder Page from layton ( basicly my neighbor). pretty dang excited to start working with him. 

also, it was crazy hard leaving indepedencia. i had the oportunity to serve there for 6 months y fell in love with every member, person were teaching, y dog ( jk the dogs suck) in tucumán. this last week consisited of saying bye to a lot of converts y members. ( y lots of crying). truelly it will always be a part of my heart.

well, im cutting it here cause i want to call my fam. still love you all though.  soo... have a good week! im excited as heck to tell more about this area. have a hecka week yo!
-elder Avery
1.mayra y román ( recent converts)2.bautismo de rita!!!!! ( has waited a year y 3 months for this)3.Juan!!!! (the most capo in the world. seriously!!!!!!) best friend


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