August 12, 2019




Elder Horne

Just a Hike in the Andes

First, today for p-day we went to a place called Tafí del Valle. holy heck you gotta look it up. the ride there included looking down thousand  foot cliffs as our pretty cheto colectivo ( rich bus) flews up the crooked roads. got there y it honestly looked a ton like utah in places y made me a tad bit trunky.  some cool dogs follow us around when we went hiking that helped us not get lost in the Andes. the whole time was so much fun y hope i can go back another time. 
the work was pretty normal. hard because we were robbed two days of the work having to go to salta so my hijito could be legal in this country. also found out that Fabian ( just got married y had baptismimal date for this saterday)  has to go to Buenos Aires to work for the next 2 months. No!!!!!!!! that hit me cause this will be my last week in this area ( i think) y we were really looking forward to his and his wifes baptism. his wife rita is still getting baptised this week so were still super excited!  
we didhave some pretty big miracles at first part of week. very excited cause mijo elder horne is feeling a lot more comfrontable leading lessons y talking with everyone. super sad cause transfers is next week y theres a gran chance that imout of tucucman. i dont want to leave!!!!!! ive been here for six months y have grown so attached to this area. i love these people that we serve with all my heart. i know its be hard to leave, but  know that God has more places for me to serve. there are people he wants me to find y teach so ill do that where ever im called. 
bueno, love yall tons. son capos!!!!! thanks so much for reading! hope all you changuitos have a good week. nos vemos la proxima semana, estaré en otro lado. ¡chau!
-Élder Ávery
1. im so white ( on our way to salta) 2.fabian is a capo. said good bye. ill miss the guy.3.this is where i live4.yo, we have our bikes


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