August 5, 2019




Elder Horne

Re: ¿anotha marriage? ¡¡jaja, why not!!

5. yum6. im white. y the very building where the declaracion of independance of argentina was signed. 7.tucumán centro
On Mon, Aug 5, 2019 at 4:32 PM Jackson Avery <> wrote:
its your man elder avery! ( for some reason now everyone calls me elder avert?)
so just a note: Rita y Fabian got married!it was ana awesome marriage. one that Rita has been waitning a year to happen. y now that their married were going to work on baptism soon! so stay tuned.
really the whole week was good. we hit almost all of our goals this week so we are satisfied. also had afew fun drunk poeple stories this week. ate fantastic ice cream (not kidding, its prob close to the best ive had in my life). 
tried to be a good dad. so i am nearing the end of my time with a son in the home. in two weeks ill be out, leaving him with the best area in the mission. i could tell this week that he has been stressed. im trying to do what i can to prepeare him well. ( although i am a pretty stressfull person as well) . i tried to do some fun things to just to ease the stress. so we ate a lot of milanesa in pension y we baught a huge box of oreo alfajores... the best decision ive made in my life.
ok. just know im here fighting the good fight, loving the heck out of tucumán. gonna miss it. have agood week evetyone. just know if you read this you are a capo y know that i love you! alright nos vemos ma mans!
-elder Avery
1. panqueques yo.2. el marriage of rita y fabian3. - 4. 36 hecking oreo alfajores!!!!!!! ( i promise i wont eat them in 3 days) 


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