July 22, 2019




Elder Horne

Re: an argentine walmart...

1.conferencia de animo!2. me, my son, my first comp from MTC, y his new son!3.elder anderson from richfield ( raced him in cross country) walmart failed us5.yum, milanesa
On Mon, Jul 22, 2019 at 4:59 PM Jackson Avery <> wrote:
update: i peaked my " biggest gainer" at 35 pounds gained in, but ive lost about 8 pounds in the last month. not to bad.
went to ( i think) the only walmart in the mission today w elder horne today. goodness, it woulkdve been easier crossing the andes mountains y getting to chile. my comps bike got two flats during trip y we had to walk afew miles. the motivation: syrup, peanutbutter, y cream soda. we arrived y to our disapointment there was none to be found jaja. later to find out that you can order syrup online y then pick it up ( which im still gonna do). in all it was a crazy pday filled with almost getting hit by 40 busses. aactually areally fun adventure to see a lot more of tucucmán! 
we had our conferencia de ánimo ( excitement conference ) this week. basicly a zone cofenrence but with fútbol, vollyball, fantastic food, y half of the missiones missionaries. twas a fantastic time. 
taught the daniel that is blind a lot this week. his example of faith is amazing. he really is an example for me to keep pushing in everything i do. his baptism date is soon.
week was full of really good lecciones y members coming with us to teach. . 
mkay, im out. have a good week everyone! thanks for reading y thanks for                               reading! love every day y dont waste a minute! love ya tons my dudes. chau y nos vemos la próxima semana
-elder ávery
1.mercado del norte ( fantastic food but  a tad bit sketchy )2.service in a converts house. super fun3.pancakes with the last drops of syrup i have4.tucuman streets


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