July 15, 2019




Elder Horne


heck ya my mans. 
you would not believe me on how many times i heard Creedence Clearwater Revival blasting out of peoples houses this week. ( one of my favorite bands just so ya know ) 
we set a marriage date for Rita y Fabian!!!!! un poco history about them: the kids in their fam ( complicated) are both members of about a year y rita has wanted to get baptised since then, but her marido ( boyfriend)  fabian didnt want anything with us or marriage. first we worked on him coming to church. Rita said that he would feel what she felt just by coming y listening. it worked. the next time we read "La Familia, una proclamacion para el mundo" with the whole fam ( extended family too that had never met us). there is no way to describe what i saw happen in the eyes of fabian. while we read he started mouthing the words along with us. after we finished we invited them to read it again y then think about getting married in the futre.  the next time we came by we invited them y they both said they wated to get married!!!! their marriage date is for the 2nd of august! can not explain how grateful im am to have the spirit as a teacher. for me, this was a miracle in my mission. also  restarted teaching some one whose sister just got babtised. her name is mayra. had a very spiritual lesson with her y her family. her sister y her bro in law bore such powerful testimony of praying to find your own answer to the truth. we promised her that if she reads ( which she has been doing ) y prays with faith with the intencion of acting on her answer, she will recieve one. very powerful leccion.just sa ya know... we finally helped daniel ( the blind guy) come to church. he agreed to a baptisimal date y were helping him find the answeres to his prayers on which church has the truth.well my dudes, my time has come to an end. im gonna go eat some alfajores ( please look it up y be jelous). remember that God always answers prayers. ALWAYS! sometimes we just need to put in a little more effort to find the answer that hes providing. ok, love you all so much. thanks for reading everyone! really means a lot. i know its a struggle to read the mispelled giberish y half spanglish sometimes jaja. hope all of you have a good week! disfruten cada día! 
-elder Ávery
1.argentina yo. ¡¡¡¡Día de independencia!!!!2.more pics of tucumán centro3.jaja, im genually sorry but i have nothing else. im too sacared of them choros robbing my camera


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