July 8, 2019




Elder Horne


1. elderes de villa alem2.behold thelargest humita in the world here in tucuman. ( it was too expensive toactually go in y see it3. food de Venezuela4. sugar cane juice? really freaking good5. aweful pic, but we got bikes (on divisiones with the elder gonzalez) 
On Mon, Jul 8, 2019 at 4:06 PM Jackson Avery <> wrote:
hey yo, this last week was pretty nice. didnt almost get robbed again so it was good. wierd having my first 4th of july in another country.. but had to wait for a real celebration until today cause tomorrow is independence day of argentina! that means today y tomorrow are crazy busy with people in the streets y tons of thingsto look at. for ejemplo: we tryed tons of random food today for pday like Venezuelan food y sugar cane juice. it was great.
concerning thework this week was  pretty good. loads y tons of people to visit this week y found, of course, a million people to come back too. the hardest part is finding them again in their houses to teach. 
went to salta for a new missionary meeting y had suck a fun time! absolutly love the other missionaries that are training with me! took two days out of our week though. 
bueno, short of time cause i desire to call my fam. chau a todos. sweet, really hope you all have agood week. always rememeber to streghen your testimony. if its not growing, its dieing. ¡les amo un montón!
-elder Avery
1.yo y elder parker ( un capo de los capos that just finished his mission today)2. chilin on divisiones with the mexican elder gonzalez3. ¿what better way to enjoy the 4th than drinking the only cream soda in argentina?4.yum, panqueques 


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