July 1, 2019




Elder Horne

Jaja, they tried to rob me...

hey fam i almost got robbed by two motochoros. 
that wa probably the big event of the week. two changos coming on us on a motercycle yelling, ¡"da me tu billetera y celular"! ( with hand in shirt making it look like he had a gun) . we then proceded to comply with his comands, i pulling out our cute little nokia ( that we share) y elder horne pulling out $80 pesos ( less than two dolars). oh you shouldve seen the look of disapointment on his face. thats also when i realized that he didnt actualy have a gun y said " ¡no tiene nada!" or " you have absolulty nothing ( in formal spanish). thats when he gve up, got on the motorcycle with his buddy, y took off. made a god journal entry.
the rest of the week was pretty normal: lots y lots of contacting to reach the goals our presidente has set, our apartements power is our so we´ll have to deal t¡with that, y weate a very satisfying amount of milanesa this week.
ok sweet. love youall! solo sepan que estoy tan agradecido por este tiempo que tengo estar acá.  estas personas que sirvohan hecho un impacto en vida tan grande. amo a cada uno de ellos. este lugar tendrá mi corazón siempre. i know that i have been called here to tucumán argentina to serve Gods children.  i am so thankful for this. again, i love you all y pray for you. have agood week everyone. chau.
-elder Ávery
1. Jaja, i forgot my camera. promise ill send all my pics next week


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