June 24, 2019




Elder Horne


wow, click bait...
seriously though a dog just opended the door y sat with us during our baptism this week. funny thing is that no one couldve cared less. just glad it didnt try to swim in the font. ok important part: ¡¡¡¡¡ELDER HORNE HAD HIS FIRST BAPTISM!!!!
very well put together service cause the members helped us out a ton! Emilse  was so excited for this day. y Elder Horne got to baptise of course y he said the payer perfectly the first time. you could say im a proud dad. 
idk whats up with this week but we got stopped by swarms of drunk peoaple this week. some were actually pretty cool guys y well probablt pass by some time, but the rest just wanted to ask if we were from germany y give us hugs.
 reactivated afew families this week, that allways feels nice
a lot of younger members y returned missionaries asked us if they could start coming to lecciones y of course we said yes.also were going to do a lot of divisiones this week so we can find y teach more people!!! 
y two important people that weve been teaching alot lately both got sent to the hospital this week. extreamly unfortunate, but we´re planning on visiting them this week to help them out.
we learned how to do some good ol argentine construction. helped a less active build his house this week ( forgot to take pics) . crazy fun service y they gave us some really good mate y pan after! 
mkay, there is my week my mans. i hope you enjoyed every word. love you all y "give you all many thanks". have a good week friends y fam. 
-Elder "Todo" ( belen beltrán)
1. bautusismo de Emilse Valdez2.the best pic i have of that dog.


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