June 17, 2019




Elder Horne

Well, we found a capo

we found a capo! 
so we found a really cool guy in a park last week on divisions. gave him book of mormon y set day to come back this week well we waited in the same park in the rain not really expecting him t o meet up with us again, but we still waited. But he came! ridding a bike down scketchy tucumano streets filled with choros ( robbing changos) in the rain. he came y told us he read what we gave him y more. we taught him the first three lessons y gav ehim more to read!set another day to teach him this next week.
jaja, where do i start on this one, well the power went out in all of argentina y uruguay yesterday on sunday. how happy do you think that made us? absolutly filled to the rim with joy... but Emilce still came to church y now she has her baptism planned for this saturday!  shes so awesome y is recieving so much support from her friends! 
chu, lots to say, elders from our district got robbed y had oto sleep in our pension last night. its actually really cold here right now! set a few baptismal dates this week. met a egnostic , jew, y jevovas witness this week; all actually really nice. 
sweet, im out. thanks for reading love yalls so much! no hay nada más decir solo que estoy acá enseñando mi hijo cada dia, y aprendiendo cada dia de él. bueno, nos vemos a todos!
-elder Avery
1.abuelo ( elder cañas), hijo ( me!) y nieto ( elder Horne)2.we went to gridos ( look it up)  best icecream ever)


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