June 10, 2019




Elder Horne

Re: ugh,

5.more hike6. el cristo thats here in tucuman! super bueno!7.eating Burgerking for pday ( bathroom pic yo)
On Mon, Jun 10, 2019 at 6:18 PM Jackson Avery <> wrote:
alrighty my friends... 
well. it was a good week. dont even know where to start but ya, it was a good week. 
first: jaaj so yesterday ( sunday) was elections... oh man you shouldve seen it. i thought argentine streets were alrighty crazy. y the thing is as an argtentine citizen you have to vote. so that means every man, woman, y chango in the country are  running around filling the streets with an incredible ( impresive) number of motorcycles, taxies, y busses. i should have taken more pictures. all in all is that means that almost 75%  of the members, let alone people were teaching, cant come to church. but one came y im not serious that it was a complete mirtacle. her name is Emilce y we actually meet here fot the first time on saturday. taught her for the first time on sunday. she is golden y so prepared for the gospel. the spirit was so powerful durring that lesson. 
we found, taught about Book of Mormon y the restoration, y got invited to an asado by three complete strangers. super random but cool miracle. all three are from other churchs but gladdly y willingly accepted reading the  book of mormon. 
well, as said before we had a crazy good week. so many new peopel to visit. i can say that prayers are bieng answered every day. there are so many things i want to get done with my hijito while were serving together. im already seeing many miracles happening now y many miore lining up for the future.
ok, time to go eat some of the best sandwiches that exist in the whole earths! popr supuesto, thanks so much for reading. hope everyone of you has a good week! love yall y miss yall! nos vemos!
-elder avery
1. a catholic church ( a lot) should be a commandment to eat one of these butties at least once in your life.3.elder miranda de peru! splits!4. WOW, we went hiking


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